Superfood Spotlight: Udo’s Choice Oil Blend

Hello, my name is: Udo’s Choice EFA Oil Blend

So, tell us about yourself: After years of low-fat diet trends, fats like those in Udo’s Choice Oil Blend are finally back on most people’s maps. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) Omega 3 & Omega 6 are most commonly associated with cold water fish, but are also found in many seeds, nuts and leafy greens. These oils are considered essential because the body cannot synthesize them by itself but must receive them from food sources. Udo’s Choice offers an unrefined, organic oil blend from completely vegetarian fat sources, an absolute must for vegetarians and a great choice for omnivores as well.

EFAs must be consumed in the proper proportions with other fats to be best utilized by the body, which is why Udo’s goes out of their way to craft this oil at an ideal ratio for absorption. Whether you eat plenty of seeds and greens already or not, this blend can make a great addition to your diet!

What do you bring to the plate: Did you know that the working surface of your brain is made entirely of fatty acids? That gives us a clue about just how vital these oils truly are! Many key functions in the body and brain depend upon a healthy intake of fats. Essential fatty acids protect our hearts, regulate major hormone functions, boost immunity and improve digestion. Many mind and mood issues can be greatly helped by an increase in EFAs.

Make no mistake, these fats are miracle workers for our bodies, but unfortunately this doesn’t apply to the fats found in most processed foods! Refined, processed and trans fats should still be avoided as much as possible as they are prone to have almost the opposite effects on our system.

Let’s Get Together: Purists like to swig this oil straight from the bottle, but if that’s not your style, keep a bottle of Udo’s in the fridge and drizzle on everything from salads and vegetables to yogurt and smoothies. If you’re looking for an easy way to supplement your diet, there’s nothing easier than keeping a bottle of this in your fridge!

Stock up on Udo’s Oil EFA Blend here and let us know about your experience.

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