Superfood Spotlight: Tibetan Rhodiola

What you need to know: Superfood Tibetan rhodiola is a rare herb that grows in one of the harshest environments in the world. It has been prized by the Chinese for over two thousand years, and Tibetans still believe it to be sacred and valuing its life-prolonging, wisdom-enhancing abilities. Being an adaptogenic herb, it promotes optimal energy production and blood circulation, while reducing the body’s stress reactions.

Why you should try it:Tibetan rhodiola is so rare that, up until now, it has rarely been used outside of Asia. However, news of its health benefits are quickly spreading across the globe! Just a small amount of rhodiola extract can significantly improve your capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen…it’s even believed to provide benefits similar to inhaling a literal breath of fresh air! As a result, rhodiola can help improve memory, concentration and efficiency. Fun fact: Tibetan monks use rhodiola to enhance their spiritual powers, making it the herb of choice for deep and powerful meditation.

Let’s get together: Depending on your preference, Tibetan rhodiola can be taken as a tonic, in supplement form, or even as an energy-enhancing elixir. Thanks to Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, these options are all accessible and all have their own separate benefits, depending on the herbal blend. Tibetan rhodiola is typically mixed with other herbs to concentrate its effectiveness, allowing you to target a specific health goal and reap max results. To boost your energy, try Adaptogen Energizer; to relieve stress and anxiety, try Tao in a Bottle; and to increase the concentration and work efficiency, try Diamond Mind Drops. Each formula is both unique and effective – a credit to this rare herb’s remarkable ability to affect the mind, body and spirit all at once!

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