sunflower seeds nutrition benefits

What You Need To Know: One of our summer’s sunniest blooms also provides one of our very favorite snacks! This sweet, yet nutty tasting seed can be found everywhere from the bulk bins at your local co-op to the roadside road-trip gas station. That makes this superfood the easiest choice ever for a grab-and-go burst of nutrition no matter where life may take you!

Why You Should Try It: Sunflower seeds take your ho-hum trail mix to a whole new nutritional level: Just one quarter-cup of the little seed delivers half your daily vitamin E, which keeps your heart healthy, your skin and hair looking great, and fights infection throughout the entire body by neutralizing free radicals. They reduce the symptoms of asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as the risk of complications due to diabetes.

Summer’s favorite seed also is chock full of phytosterols – more than any other common nut or seed. These incredible compounds not only reduce high cholesterol levels, but also enhance the immune system and decrease risk of certain cancers (such as colon cancer).

Let’s Get Together: We cannot think of a better (and easier!) way to enjoy sunflower seeds than straight from the shell, au natural. But if you’re looking for a bit more kick, try them crushed into a pastry crust, like this beautiful edible flower cake, or sprinkled on top of a nourishing summer salad. We are also huge fans of sunflower seed butter: a scrumptious alternative to peanut butter for our nut-free friends. Try a smear of Maranatha Sunflower Seed Butter on your next sandwich, whip it into a yummy dessert recipe, or follow our favorite idea and enjoy on a spoon, straight up!

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