Once again, Cat and Myara lead us down the straight and narrow. These two seem to stumble upon the best and most healthy restaurants in Los Angeles without even lifting a finger – and we’re taking notes! Not only have they found one of LA’s best fresh and seasonal eateries, but they’ve found the coolest mustached bartend as well! Hatfield’s offers high-end, healthy twists to dishes like their version of croque madame, which includes sashimi and quail egg – a must-try.

Their amazing cocktail menu is something to note too. Fresh cucumber vodka anyone? Cat and Myara lead the way…

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  1. Cat and Myara! You two are so natural and disarming on camera and I feel like I have a real front seat to your honest gastronomic experience. If the goal was to get me excited about my next outing to Hatfield’s then mission accomplished! Also can’t wait to see where you go next. We must hang again soon! :]

    blaise hossain | 06.19.2013 | Reply
  2. I adore this segment!

    Finian | 06.19.2013 | Reply

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