Superfood Spotlight: Persimmon

What you need to know: If you haven’t tried this seasonal winter fruit, then put it on your shopping list. Persimmons are not only sweet like a pear and versatile like an apple, but they are an easy way to improve your health. Rich in vitamin A, persimmons are instrumental in maintaining vision, tissue turnover, healthy skin, and strong teeth and bones. Persimmons are also loaded with vitamin C and trace minerals, making their addition to the diet beneficial for boosting the immune system and for cancer prevention.

Why you should try it: Hailed as the official fruit of Japan, persimmons may do more for heart health than apples. The persimmon contains significantly higher concentrations of dietary fiber, minerals and phenolic compounds than an apple, all of which are instrumental in fighting atherosclerosis, a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Therefore, experts suggest that the simple act of eating one medium-sized persimmon a day is enough to help fight atherosclerosis, reducing the chance of cardiovascular complications.

Let’s get together: Not familiar with how to eat this small orange fruit? Take a few tips from us, because we’re huge fans over here. Try adding persimmon to your salad, like this super cleansing raw pistachio and arugula salad by chef Matthew Kenney, or try replacing the apple in your morning smoothie with a persimmon, like our alkalizing almond smoothie.

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