To say that Karena and Katrina, better known as the Tone It Up girls, are having a moment in the sun is quite the understatement. With a whopping 1.8 million monthly visits to the Tone It Up website, countless fitness videos, over 30 million YouTube views and a brand new show on Bravo, they’re practically radiating their own sunshine. These girls encompass everything that falls under the umbrella of the “real” deal: real-life best friends (and roomies!), real-life trainers (Katrina first met triathlete Karena while she was working as a personal trainer in Los Angeles), and workouts and nutrition plans that not only boast real results but are manageable for real-life schedules and scenarios (No equipment? No time? No problem!). But what separates Karena and Katrina from their gaggle of fitness-pro counterparts is that what you see is who they are. They know what it’s like to struggle with body image and weight, and they keep a relatable, lighthearted yet sincere tone throughout each blog post and video.

With charisma and coolness to boot, we couldn’t wait to grill this dynamic duo on what a day of health is really like for them. If you’re a regular viewer, you probably won’t be surprised to read they’re quite simple and down to earth, with New Year’s goals and favorite indulgences that look a lot like your own. Girl power? You bet. Get ready to meet your new workout buddies.


Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson

Moment I Fell In Love With Fitness:

Karena: As a kid, I would watch my mom workout to Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith VHS tapes.
Katrina: When my grandmother gave me my first nutrition book in 8th grade.

My Favorite Workout:

Karena: Sand run on the beach.
Katrina: Kettlebells!

Go-to workout gear:

Karena: Oakley TwentySix.2 sunglasses.  I never go outside without protecting my eyes!
Katrina: VS Sport Knockout Tight

I’m usually listening to…

Karena: Anything from Beyonce’s new album. 
Katrina: “Crave You” by Flight Facilities.

When I’m low on fitness motivation…

Karena: I get inspired by our Tone It Up community.
Katrina: Karena knocks on my door to get me out for my BootyCall, our morning workout that keeps us accountable to one another!

Fave post-workout fuel:

Karena:  Perfect Fit Protein smoothie with kale, strawberries and bananas.
Katrina: Perfect Fit Protein pancake with strawberries and a dash of stevia!

I wish more people realized fitness and health…

Karena: That being healthy and fit doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. We have the most delicious recipes in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan…including lots of sweet treats! 
Katrina: Can be fun and exciting! If you don’t look forward to your workout, find something you love. There are so many options from exploring a new hike or running path, spinning, pilates, yoga, kettlebell, barre…the list goes on! We also have 16 great workouts on both our Beach Babe DVDs. There’s something for every day!

Latest healthy obsession:

Karena: Cooking with kelp noodles!
Katrina: Kale chips!

My favorite splurge:

Karena & Katrina: Dark chocolate and a glass of red wine.

My New Year’s Resolution is…

Karena: I want to train for and compete in a half Ironman triathlon, travel to Europe, make time for more family vacations and surf more.
Katrina: To sign up for more local races, commit to completing 100 miles by Valentine’s Day in either running or biking, paint more and journal each day.

Tune In!

For more of Karena and Katrina, catch Toned Up on Bravo every Thursday night at 10:30PM!

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