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What You Need To Know: Our favorite season is here! The last leg of summer and early days of fall not only bring a change of pace (and leaves), but a change of produce! Pears are actually a member of the rose family, and can be enjoyed at their peak starting in the months of late summer. There are so many varieties to sample, from the speckled green Bartlett to the earthy brown Bosc, that you’re bound to find at least a pair of pears to satisfy your tastebuds.

Why You Should Try It: Pears are anti-inflammatory, making them a great post-workout snack to ease your hard-working muscles. And since just one pear offers about 25% of your daily recommended fiber as well, you can slice up your favorite variety to aid digestion without worrying about inflaming your sensitive system. Pears also contains potentially anti-cancer phytonutrients, like cinnamic acid, to guard against carcinogens and keep you disease-free in the long run. Most notably, however, recent studies have shown a correlation between pears and avoiding type 2 diabetes: the flavonoids in pears show the most consistent ability out of all produce tested to reduce your risk of developing the condition. And since the skin of pears contains almost three times the amount of nutrients as the flesh, be sure to eat up!

Let’s Get Together: Throw a pear or two in your next juice or smoothie for a deliciously sweet treat. Coconut Pear Detox Smoothie? Yes please! On the run? Grab a bottle of Blueberry Coconut Pear or Pineapple Pear Ginger Mint by Pressed Juicery – both are filled with all the benefits this seasonal fruit has to offer

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