Superfood Spotlight: Lecithin

What you should know: Lecithin is a naturally occurring complex fatty acid found in foods such as egg yolks, wheat germ, nuts and legumes. A key component of lecithin is phosphatidylcholine, which is the main fatty structure that composes cellular membranes (the cell wall). Without enough phosphatidylcholine, the cell wall becomes weak, preventing nutrients from entering the cell and wastes from exiting out. Cells also become vulnerable to pathogens (bacteria, fungus, virus), resulting in the death of cells and premature aging. This makes lecithin an essential superfood for maintaining health on all levels.

Why you should try it: Lecithin acts as an important building block of our cells, benefiting all organ and gland systems in the body. In particular, lecithin is vital for brain and nerve tissues, improving memory function, concentration abilities, and learning capacity. Lecithin is also important for healthy cholesterol levels because it supports the break up of cholesterol in the body while also improving liver and gallbladder function and detoxification.

Let’s get together: Lecithin has a creamy, rich flavor that easily lends itself to things like smoothies and raw desserts. We love adding it to Pressed Juicery’s Chocolate Almond Milk with some fresh berries for a delicious smoothie. The important thing to remember is that the majority of lecithin powders are made from soy – whenever you’re eating soy products be sure they are labeled organic and/or non-GMO (genetically modified). We love the lecithin powder by Healthforce Nutritionals.

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