Superfood Spotlight: Infinity Greens

Superfood: Billy’s Infinity Greens

Benefits: Infinity Greens are the only non-grass-based superfood formula out on the market. Indeed, grass is highly nutritious; however, they are not always easy to digest, nor suitable for individuals with gluten intolerance. This is truly a rich source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Source: Billy Merritt is the owner of Infinity Greens, a high quality line of raw, wild-crafted, 100% organic green algae-based superfood powders and capsules. Infinity Greens are all made in beautiful Topanga, California.

How To Use:  As with any new product, it is best to start off slow. Mix a heaping teaspoon with water or a fresh Pressed Juicery juice. If you choose capsules, start with 5 per day. Once your body becomes accustomed, you can increase your dosage.

We Recommend:  Billy’s Coconut Bliss Smoothie. Add to blender: Coconut water and meat from fresh Thai coconut, along with 1 to 4 round teaspoons of infinity greens. Amazing! Want to add a quick immune boost to this wonderful smoothie?  Add a serving of Infinity C!

Do you use a green powder? Try out Infinity Greens here and let us know what you think.

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