Superfood Spotlight: Grey Unrefined Sea Salt

SUPERFOOD SPOTLIGHT: Unrefined Grey Sea Salt

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Salt gets a bad rap. Processed, bleached white table salt with it’s anti-caking agents and other additives has certainly earned it’s bad reputation. But did you know that all-natural, unrefined salt is absolutely vital to your health? Natural sea salt is actually grey in color due to a rich mix of other important trace minerals. When buying salt be sure to look for that “dirty” grey tone that signifies a pure, unprocessed state. Natural salt, along with a healthy diet of other minerals, helps to keep our bodies in a balanced state and is a key component in the healthy functions of the heart, brain, blood and nerves.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT: Many people have cut salt from their diets because of the averse effects that processed table salt has had on their health. Too much processed salt has certainly caused more than a few folks to experience serious health problems, but in our attempt to cut out the bad, it’s important to preserve what is truly important.  Natural salt can restore energy, balance hormones and sugar cravings and help to balance the ever-important acid/alkaline balance of the body.

LET’S GET TOGETHER: Take stock of the salt in your cupboards: your salt should have a greyish or dirty hue. If not, the salt has likely been stripped of trace minerals and processed in ways that may have added dangerous additives such as aluminum.

Kick the processed salt and avoid products that are full of refined salt when you can – just one more incentive to cook with whole and local foods! Add Celtic Sea Salt®, Light Grey, By The Grain & Salt Society, Coarse Ground, 1 lb to recipes – or try one of the other healthy salts available such as unrefined pink Himalayan salt. Sprinkle a little unrefined salt in juices and green smoothies when your energy needs the pick-up!

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