Superfood Spotlight: Cardamom

What you need to know: Familiar with that sweet, yet savory flavor found in your morning chai? Well, most likely, that’s cardamom you’re tasting. Cardamom is an exotic spice commonly used in Indian cuisine, but also found in adventurous concoctions such as orange cardamom ice cream or these Persian rose tea cookies. Offering much more than a distinct flavor profile, cardamom is widely used for a multitude of ailments including indigestion, mouth ulcers, and even bad breath.

Why you should try it: A favorite in ayurvedic medicine, cardamom is the perfect spice for cold and flu season. Cardamom is one of the richest sources of the phytochemical cineole, which is the secret to its health benefits. Cineole is a potent antiseptic, meaning it acts as an antimicrobial in the body. It can be used to fight off sore throats while breaking up chest congestion, making it a remedy for bronchitis, laryngitis and any type of upper-respiratory infection.

Let’s get together: Quite honestly, you can add cardamom to almost any beverage, baked good or dish, but if you want to get right down to the point, try chewing on the seeds. In India, it is a common practice to pop one in the mouth after a meal to improve digestion and to ward off infection…can you say organic chewing gum? Not a fan of cardamom au naturel? Try our newest seasonal flavor, Spiced Almond, instead, which also contains blood-sugar-stabilizing cinnamon and brain-stimulating nutmeg.

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