Superfood Spotlight: Black Garlic

The new hip superfood on the street is black garlic. What makes black garlic so special? Taoist mythology said black garlic was rumored to grant immortality. There are twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic. It also contains S-Allycysteine, a natural compound that has been proven to be a factor in cancer prevention.

So what makes black garlic black? Here’s the deal – the garlic goes through a fermentation process similar to wine. It starts out with fresh, high quality raw garlic bulb and is placed in a fermentation machine that is carefully monitored. As a natural result of the process, the garlic turns black. Black garlic has a distinct flavor and a unique texture that has chefs around the globe whipping up everything from breads to seafood and veggie dishes.

Another added perk of black garlic is that it doesn’t give you the bad breath odor that is associated with raw garlic. You may not ward off a vampire, but your significant other will appreciate it. It’s not cheap, but once you have tried it, you may not want to go back to raw garlic. Most gourmet and health food stores carry the unique super food or you can purchase some from blackgarlic.com

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