Superfood Spotlight: Black Cherries

What you need to know: Black cherries are one of everyone’s favorite fruits, but don’t let this innocent-seeming sweet berry fool you – they’re a superfruit to be sure! Black cherries are not only revered for their high vitamin C levels, but also for their ability to promote healthy uric-acid levels in the body. This makes black cherries an important part of treating and preventing kidney stones and gout. As one of the few foods that contain melatonin, black cherries also help to maintain and regulate sleep patterns. This is especially helpful when facing an irregular sleep schedule or fighting jet lag due to traveling.

Why you should try it: Black cherries contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins, which is known to block two key enzymes involved in the production of inflammation in the body. As a result, the consumption of black cherries and black cherry juice has been used for the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, hypertension and for the reduction of exercise-induced muscle damage. Anyone looking to boost their body’s anti-inflammatory powers should make room for a bowl full of these on their kitchen counter.

Let’s get together: Black cherries are best eaten fresh, we love them right from the farmers market. Depending on the part of the world you are in, they are typically in season from May to August. If you don’t have access to them fresh, their frozen counterpart will still make a delicious addition to desserts and smoothies. Looking for more therapeutic benefits? Try a black cherry concentrate that is free of additives or preservatives. We recommend Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate by Swanson Organic.

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