Superfood Spotlight: 7 Reasons We’re Carrying CellFood Drops Everywhere

Our fave new superfood isn’t really a food at all: it’s a power-packed drop of liquid known as CELLFOOD. Small enough to stash in our purses, but powerful enough to make a big impact on our overall sense of well-being, we’re adding this tasteless miracle elixir into just about everything, from water to juice and even coffee. CAP Beauty co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer is breaking down what all the buzz is about in this powerful little supplement…

Morning rituals everywhere are going to the next level with a few drops of our latest ingestible obsession. CELLFOOD is quickly moving its way to the very front of our superfood arsenal. And for good reason. It’s our tried and true way to turn any glass of water into a revitalizing elixir that naturally energizes and hydrates our body from the inside out. Packed with 78 minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids, we like to think of it as a potent antioxidant powerhouse. It’s the perfect tool for gentle detoxification that we turn to on a daily (sometimes twice daily) basis. A few sips of this every morning has us looking and feeling like our most radiant and glowing selves. Feed your cells. Your body will thank you.


7 Reasons We’re Carrying CellFood Drops Everywhere

...It's Nutrient-Dense.

CELLFOOD contains a vast array of ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes that work with your body to cleanse, tone and build cells.

...It Boost Oxygen Intake.

CELLFOOD increases oxygen uptake and ferritin levels, while decreasing lactic acid accumulation. This leads to enhanced physical ability and stamina.

...It's A Powerful Antioxidant.

CELLFOOD is pretty powerful. Antioxidants are responsible for the prevention of cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals. In a recent study, CELLFOOD was shown to decrease excess free radical activity by up to 27%.

...It's A Natural Antibiotic.

CELLFOOD kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, without harming the beneficial microorganisms that keep your body working in harmony.

...It's Alkalizing

CELLFOOD is negatively charged, which helps balance the body’s pH levels to their most optimum state.

...It Boosts Your Energy.

CELLFOOD provides a powerful stream of bio-available oxygen and hydrogen directly to the cells. This results in improved energy levels and overall wellbeing.

...It's Naturally Vegan.

CELLFOOD is made from all natural plant powered ingredients.

How To Use It:

Place a few drops into your water, and you’re good to go. Easy as that!

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  1. I have been an avid reader of TCM for some time, most of the advice I have incorporated into my everyday life, however recently I have become suspect as it seems TCM has become a place for anyone with any product remotely claiming health benefits to get a spotlight. Case in point today’s CELLFOOD spot. After reading this I am left wondering is this just another site advertising anything just to make money?

    I am left not feeling very confident with TCM.

    bernadette | 09.17.2015 | Reply
    • We appreciate your feedback Bernadette and are so glad you’re incorporating things you’re learning on TCM! Our content is 100% genuine and this piece is not paid for. CellFood is powerful stuff and we’ve been using it for years! Thanks for engaging with us!

      The Chalkboard | 09.17.2015 | Reply
  2. I have used Cell Food every day for months now and can’t recommend it enough. Would I have tried it if I hadn’t seen it recommended long ago by Kris Carr? Maybe not. Maybe I would have thought the same thing as the last commenter. I started taking it to help with migraines. Hard to tell if it does but I do like it. And, by the way, the first result you’ll see is a fast trip to the bathroom for a few days while you’re body adjusts to it! 😉

    Adrea | 09.17.2015 | Reply
  3. I was just coming back to leave a similar comment and the exact same link to the Consumer Lab report. Come on, TCM. It’s getting a little Dr Oz in here. I’m tired of all the pseudo-science and hype.

  4. Is that my Be&D wallet? 🙂

    Rosie | 09.17.2015 | Reply
  5. yes — feel the same and was just about to purchase when i thought – let me do a quick review again. cellfood has been around forever – and just getting this quick reminder from consumer lab saved me 30.00 and potentially a hoax and a harm…

  6. Cellfood is a lie, see for yourself @cellfoodpoison and The Truth About Cellfood on Facebook.

  7. My daughter brought me Cellfood, I had been on a ventilator, due to severe asthma, I had lung failure and a heart attack, the doctors told my daughters I would not make it, yet, I became well enough on the drops my daughter was putting in my water, to go home. This was in 2009. I was given an MRI to see if I had brain damage from lack of oxygen.. instead there were many lesions. In 2016, my doctor requested another MRI, the lesions were gone. I take cellfood everyday. It is important to reduce amount for periods, but I can now live with cats, mow and garden. I am not surprised it could come under attack, it replaced many expensive pharmaceutical drugs that never helped me. While still in the hospital, it rapidly cleared the drugs from my system, I was given huge amounts while on the ventilator.

    Anna Hart | 04.01.2019 | Reply

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