the founders of Addictive Wellness, Sage and AnnaBlanca, recently visited our HQ to whip a few batches of their homemade superfood ice creams and talk wellness. We thought we knew what we were getting into — but we had no idea. Hours later we were still on a high from so many energizing, hormone-balancing ingredients that we barely knew what to do with ourselves.

All summer, we’ll be sharing the amazing recipes for superfood ice creams they’ve shared with us, starting with this luscious, anabolic and sugar-free take on cookies and cream. Warning: the recipe is a whopper – expensive, but energizing on a whole other level. We’ll let Sage and AnnaBlanca explain more…

A Note from AnnaBlanca:

Would you like your hormones purring like a kitten and your engines ready to roar!? If you’re anything like me (and every friend I’ve ever known), you burn your coconut candles and palo santo on both ends, but when you end up running low on energy you’re borderline insulted, “Hey, I’m strong, I’m powerful and nothing in the world should be able to stop me!”

Wellness is the new black. Wanting to optimize your performance is considered sexy – be it your next yoga class, business meeting or date ending very, very, ohsoverywell… When I met the guy who turned out to be my very last first date, he also proved to be the ultimate blessing in my life: He could make an ice cream that supported, balanced and boosted my hormones! “Okay, let me get this straight. You made me this ridiculously delicious cookies-and-cream ice cream topped with raw chocolate and sugar-free, dairy-free whipped cream and the more I eat of it, the better it is for me?! Are you for real?! If anyone wakes me up from this dream I cannot guarantee their safety.”

Many years down the line, it seems that a relationship built on common ground like chocolate, cream, cookies and communication grows happily ever after. We would love to share the recipe of this hormone-boosting ice cream so you can run your own enjoyable experiments at home…

A Note From Sage:
For many years I have had great fun developing a wide variety of VitaMix ice cream recipes, but we are an extremely hard working couple and don’t always have time to whip something up from scratch when the craving hits – often we’re about to jump on an important call or run out the door to a meeting. I’m also aware that healthy hormone balance is essential for navigating the stresses of an entrepreneurial lifestyle and creating harmony and bliss in our relationship.

I wanted to concoct a recipe for a machine-made ice cream that we could keep in the freezer and have a decadent, delicious, hormone-boosting treat ready to enjoy anytime! We all need to consume lots of healthy fats to achieve optimal brain function and to boost our levels of good cholesterol (HDL), since it is a precursor to some of the most important hormones in our system. There is nothing healthy about a fat-free diet.

During my research I found inspiration in the “Get Some Ice Cream” recipe by Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey. But by no means was I planning to stick to the recipe – I had some significant upgrades planned! I started making some adjustments to the base ingredients – whereas the original calls for eight whole eggs, I used only pasturized egg yolks, as raw egg whites can really slow down digestion.

Next came the most exciting part for me: tapping into my passion for traditional herbal systems to figure out which would be the most powerful herbs to support hormone health, but not ruin the flavor of this ice cream. I had to avoid some of the more powerful candidates like ashwagandha, eucommia and he shou wu because their flavors simply wouldn’t work here. In the end, I settled on using the following herbs:

4 Powerful Ingredients To KnowGelatinized maca is more potent and easier on digestion than raw maca. Maca enhances adaptability, supports hormone production and thyroid function. CHECK OUT

Shatavari balances both male and female hormones, improves fertility, balances the pH of the lady garden and helps release excess water retention. CHECK OUT

Cordyceps improves energy and endurance by increasing aerobic capacity, improving oxygen utilization and stabilizing blood-sugar metabolism. It is used to strengthen sexual functions, brainpower, structural integrity and healing ability. Widely used as an athletic tonic, it is noted to improve performance and muscle-building capability. CHECK OUT

Astragalus is not so hormonally relevant as the others, but is a great supporter of active energy, vitality, cognitive function and immune function, which are all naturally very important for us as well! CHECK OUT

Anabolic Cookies & Cream Ice Cream


10 pastured egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla powder
7 Tbsp grass-fed ghee
7 Tbsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp + 2 teaspoons Brain Octane Oil
5.5 Tbsp of birch xylitol
2 tsp gelatinized maca
2 tsp shatavari extract powder
2 tsp cordyceps extract powder
2 tsp astragalus extract powder
3.4 oz water
Addictive Wellness Recharge chocolates, to taste
sugar-free, gluten-free chocolate cookies (Sage and AnnaBlanca’s favorite recipe comes from this cookbook)


Mix all ingredients in a blender.

Pour this mixture into the ice cream maker and let it work its magic!

When serving, take it up a notch by adding coconut whipped cream and chopped-up Addictive Wellness Recharge chocolates, so you can include the powerful herbs we weren’t able to add in the ice cream itself…

Enjoy every bite today – and the long-term benefits down the road!

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