You don’t get very far into the wellness community before realizing there are a lot of wild personalities in this space. Bulletproof founder and father of ‘bio-hacking’, Dave Asprey is among them. I’m a long-time fan of this health and wellness pioneer for his fearless exploration of new and emerging healing protocols. Despite the non-conventional nature of most of his studies, Asprey approaches health and healing from a deeply scientific (and often, personally experiential) perspective — and without the conventional medical dogma.

I’ve had the uncorrected proof of Asprey’s latest book on my desk for months and — while I’ve pored over it — this is the first time we’re weighing in. Here’s why we’re loving Super Human (and why you should pick it up ASAP).

The book: Super Human by Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey

The report: Super Human is ‘the Bulletproof plan to age backward and maybe even live forever.’ While we can’t vouch for immortality, the science in Aprey’s latest book is compelling and, whether you take his advice hook, line and sinker or simply dabble around the edges, there is learning here for all.

super human

In organized and easy to read chapters, Super Human explores some the most compelling anti-aging protocols, supplements and procedures available today. As to be expected from Asprey, many of the protocols are well ahead of their time and may not reach mainstream status for years to come. That’s actually the value of a book like this one. There are scientific studies happening now, as explored in Super Human, that won’t trickle down into our commonly held ideas about health for decades to come.

For serious wellness lovers like me in the digital age, that rate of motion just doesn’t cut it. If you’re curious about what’s happening on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation and human performance, Super Human is an easy-to-digest deep dive into anti-aging interventions from stem cell therapy to neuro-feedback; ozone therapy to microdosed cognitive enhancers.

A must-read for hard-core health pursuants and an eye-opening exploration of what’s really going on in in the fast-paced space of anti-aging technologies for those new to the topic.

how to get it: Check out Dave Asprey’s Super Human or for more, check out all our interviews with Asprey and the Bulletproof team. shop now 

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