A mother’s love might be limitless, but a kiddo cracked out on sugar will definitely put that to the test. As a wellness pro and mama of two — with a brand new bun in the oven, nonetheless — Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie has a wealth of first-hand knowledge when it comes to managing munchkins during the holidays.

With the potential for sugar-overload lurking around every corner, these timely tips might just be a life-saver this season…

The holidays are a time to enjoy decadent holiday treats without a worry in the world! If any mamas out there are trying to balance what can be the endless sugar blackhole that comes around this time of year, these are a few of my favorite tips and tricks.

breakfast can be magic. Start the morning off by having a filling and nutritious breakfast loaded with healthy fats and fiber. Adding fruit to smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes and waffles is a great way to intake natural sugar, keep those taste buds satisfied and stop any cravings for white sugar, which has zero nutritional value. For a super easy breakfast for kids that don’t get hungry first thing in the morning, mix one teaspoon Philosophie Green Dream in a blender with nut milk, a splash of honey and lots of fruits. Try sneaking some spinach in there. I promise they can’t taste it!

Sneak In Nutrients. My Green Dream superfood powder was actually both of my boys’ first solid food (mashed with a ripe banana). Do you see the theme here!? Instead of focusing on saying “no sweets,” turn your attention to adding nutrients. When you’re filling those little bodies with incredible, quality foods and kids are being fueled by a balanced diet, they don’t crave as much “bad” sugar. Here’s another fun idea, add some Philosophie Cacao Magic to avocado and coconut milk with a splash of maple syrup or coconut sugar and you’ll have created a densely nutritious and delicious “chocolate pudding” that any kid will eat up (big kids too!).

swap in Other Sugars. Coconut sugar is an awesome low glycemic sweetener alternative. Following your grandmother’s famous dessert recipes? Healthifying is easy and only requires making a few simple swaps! You can add coconut sugar in place of white sugar to any brownie, bread, muffin or cake batter for a nutritional boost that satisfies a sweet tooth without raising the blood-sugar level.

Get Moving. Staying active in the afternoons and getting outside to burn off any energy helps to balance hormones too. Take your kids on an afternoon walk after school or before dinner. It’ll also give you a chance to have some quality time away from screen distractions.

I promise, mamas, you and the kids can still enjoy all the sugar cookies and gingerbread houses this holiday season. Stop focusing on saying no to sweets and instead add in the nutrients!

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