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Less is more, and when it comes to fashion nobody embodies it better than celebrity stylist, Anita Patrickson. As a former Allure editor and the founder of LA-based custom sandal brand, Amanu Studio, Anita has spent her career honing in on what really constitutes clean, confident and sustainable style.

Anita’s clients include stylish (and openly eco-conscious) A-listers like Emmy Rossum, Rachel Bilson, Emma Watson and Julianne Hough. These high-profile babes turn to Anita for her approach to styling which embraces both individuality and tradition. Her clever and experiential sandal brand does the same, breaking away from the fast fashion model and embracing old-school craftsmanship for the sake of customization.

The process at Amanu Studio is simple: choose your design and materials, get your foot measured in studio and let the Amanu team work their magic (meaning no backstock and no waste!). There are over 400 sandal options available, the price points aren’t insane, and the whole experience takes less than 30 minutes. Now, that’s how you nail personal style (and a good girl’s date).

Feeling inspired by her philosophy and impeccable taste in all things, we asked Anita to join our In Her Closet series and take us a little deeper into her world…

Currently wearing: White BLDWN t-shirt, vintage Levi 501s, my fave Daniela Villegas bug rings, EF collection diamond huggies, an old satin pouch bag from the Row and my Amanu Style 10 champagne gold gladiator sandals.

My style in three words: Clean, classic, functional.

Recent inspiration: While on a recent trip home to Africa, I went up into the bush to set up our partnership with an eco-hospitality group (Singita) and trained local artisans to craft Amanu sandals for their guests—it was so incredible. I also just reread one of my favorite books, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

Style icon: Peggy Guggenheim for her flair and sense of adventure.

Signature look: Utility jumpsuit and slip-on AMANU sandals.

Anita Patrickson interior

Favorite natural + eco-friendly materials: At the moment I am completely fascinated by all the amazing innovative fabrics and materials coming onto the market. Fabrics made from pineapple fibers, orange peel and kombucha; I recently came across one made out of moth threads! It’s funny, since the concept of Amanu I have become quite neurotic about our materials.

Sadly, while as many people eat meat as they do, in my opinion leather is the most sustainable option. I know this doesn’t address deforestation or animal cruelty issues, however I don’t want to get sucked in because of the ‘vegan’ catchword. Some natural fabrics are incredible, but many, while wanting to share a wonderful message, are not necessarily good for the environment. They don’t last, hence people have to re-buy more frequently and the discarded items do not decompose well, if at all. To make and treat some of the materials they use releases way more chemicals and toxins than leather. It’s obviously a very complicated issue, one that I try and educate myself on daily—and there are no black and white answers unfortunately.

My mission in one sentence: Change the way people buy sandals by altering the category with a more sustainable model.

Something in my closet I will own forever: My family signet ring that has my family crest on it. It’s something old English families wear. I love looking at my hands and knowing where I am from and feeling that connection.

Style or design trend I’m most excited about: Fabrics made from recycled materials.

Anita Patrickson amanu sandals

Trend I’m excited to see go: Fast fashion.

Most essential accessory + how to rock it: Individuality—don’t be afraid to have fun! After all, fashion is meant to be a way to express yourself.

Look that will never go out of style: A classic, beautifully tailored black or white suit on a woman.

Favorite sustainable brands:
+ Amanu:
 slow fashion, no finished inventory, sustainably sourced materials.
+ Reformation: for their transparency.
+ Everlane: their ‘no package’ packaging is everything.
+ Rebag, ReDone and The RealReal: for finding a way for us to recycle what we already have.

Current mantra: I have two:

Less is more. A rising tide carries all ships.

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