We love tucking a little art into the feed here on TCM – and some our favorite accessories definitely qualify. We loved exploring J. Hannah‘s cool California jewelry studio, Tiro Tiro’s light and airy Oakland workbenches – and when we came across Jennifer Stilwell of All Hands, we wanted to add her beautiful leatherwork to the mix.

Although Stilwell’s geometric, structured bucket bags were what first drew us to her work, when we saw these gorgeous leather planters we had to know more about her work. We learned that Jennifer has a passion for indigenous artisans and has traveled the world apprenticing for leather craftsman from South America to Europe.

We love getting inside the daily routines of the artisans we admire. Below, Jennifer talks about the things that keep her inspired as she builds a brand that will one day support the indigenous craftsmen and women’s collectives she so admires.

Daily necessity:

Argan oil. I started using it instead of face cream and it’s amazing!

To get the creative juices flowing I…

Watch old footage of ’90s raves that I find.

Favorite object on my desk:

I would say my Joe Colombo pencil holder.

Favorite morning of the week:

Friday morning.

Organizational item I can’t live without:

The snack we always keep on hand:

Stone-ground Mexican chocolate.

At 10:00 am I am usually:

Driving to work and listening to Rihanna.

Soundtrack in the studio:

NTS Internet Radio out of London.

My favorite current project is:

Trolling the Los Angeles estate sale listings.

My necessary extravagance is:

Super fancy groceries and my 1980s mirrored bed.

Most common visitors:

My stitcher and the UPS guy.

My favorites workbooks/paper goods:

There are Argentine school notebooks that have blank pages that I love to use.

Easiest way to brighten up the space is:

Plants, always. The crazier, the better.

Favorite way to spend the lunch hour:

Walking through Central Market and trying to decide what I’m going to eat, but inevitably ending up at Ceviche.

Favorite design neighbors:

My good friend Kathryn at Dream Collective.

My top distraction is:

Getting outdoors as much as possible and seeing all that Southern California has to offer, especially the hot springs.

Books always in studio:

Wilder Mann, a photography book by Charles Fréger.

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