Stress-Relieving Hot Chocolate

Did you know that raw cacao can actually be restorative and relaxing? This creamy tonic from herbalist Adriana Ayales makes a great evening elixir to calm the nerves and boost the mood. If you are very sensitive to chocolate, substitute the cacao for turmeric to make this into a golden milk!

Here are the details on Adriana’s beautiful flower petal tea and tonic as shown in the recipe…

Blue Lotus can be euphoric, while helping to relax the body and mind. Blue Lotus is a nervous system relaxant, also known as a nervine. Anima Mundi’s loose leaf tea provides a beautiful base for this tonic.

Happiness Tonic is a tincture made of adaptogens like rhodiola and ashwagandha and powerfully supportive mood-boosting herbs like St. John’s wort, mucuna and albizzia. Together, these herbs create a synergistic blend that helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and mood slumps.

Stress-Relieving Hot Chocolate with Blue Lotus


4oz hot water
4oz coconut or oat milk (or plant-based milk of choice)
2oz brewed Blue Lotus Tea
1Tbsp raw cacao powder
1tsp Happiness Tonic (or sub for ½ tsp ashwagandha powder)
1tsp coconut sugar, maple or sweetener of choice (optional!)


Infuse about 1 tsp of blue lotus petals in about 4oz of hot water (don’t use boiling water, think of blue lotus like matcha, 160-170F). Strain the petals after a 2-3minute infusion.

From there you can either blend or whisk right in cup:

To Blend: Blend for 10 seconds until silky and frothy.

In Pan or Mug: Whisk the cacao into your tea, and optional tonics and herbs, and whisk away until silky and frothy. Add in your warm milk, and mix well.

Sip immediately and enjoy!

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