Färingsö Huset living room

WHO INSPIRES YOU lately when it comes to home and garden? We stumbled upon our latest design crush last fall on Instagram and haven’t been able to get over it since. We thought the inspiring home deserved a spot on our pages…

Malin Cropper and family have made their home in Färingsö, Sweden, simply ‘faringsohuset’ on Instagram.

Malin shares breathtaking photos of the home, regularly unveiling new vignettes of her electric, natural style. It helps that the home seems to get incredible light at all hours of the day and is surrounded by a garden that rivals the beauty of their stunning indoor living space!

The home serves up a high-low mix of carefully chosen pieces we absolutely adore. Her iconic Mario Bellini couch is the piece de resistance — recently re-issued design from the ’70’s we’re seeing just about everywhere lately.

The resurgence of this classic Italian couch paired with all the white boucle furniture we’re seeing lately has left us wondering how all these stylish homeowners avoid the inevitable matcha, pink smoothie and superfood latte spills!

If a new Italian sofa or modern pool installation aren’t in the cards for you this summer, here are 5 other clever and affordable design takeaways we spotted in Malin’s home…

BOOK FLIP: Want to create a more calm or neutral look in a room filled with bookshelves? Try flipping each book so that the colorful spines are hidden and only the white page edges are shown. Instantly, shelves become uniform — as though you’ve lime-washed your library!

Go monochrome: This bedroom in the house is white-on-white and we love the clean look. Simply swap out a lamp or two, buy new sheets or paint a door to create this fresh and calming modern look in a guest or master bedroom.

Bring the outdoors in: Plant a full-sized potted tree indoors. Stack giant shells or crystals around the house. Lighten up window treatments and allow as much natural light to stream in as possible.

Build a gallery: Roughly translated, when a home has an ‘eclectic look’, it means that there’s a gallery wall. Take a close look at the art on this home’s walls — it’s a mix of odd pieces, big and small, that clearly spark joy for those who dwell there. Learn how to pull it together! 

Let vines climb: Check out this planty scene in the home’s kitchen. Malin has allowed her climbing plants to go rogue and we love how they’ve taken over the minimal kitchen.

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