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I get a lot of spa and beauty studio invites and I don’t attend them all. Naturally, any complimentary spa treatment is the ultimate treat, but we feature almost everyone that our team sees if we feel the product and services are up to par with our audience’s standards.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received an invite from brow artist, Stevi Christine to check out her new Beverly Hills studio — turns out it was the lash and brow session of my dreams. The celeb makeup artist’s new boutique (opened with both fingers crossed like so many small business owners in this oddest of odd times) is focused on brows, but offers lash services and more for just the kind of beauty tune-up we’re all craving right now.

Here’s our interview with the brow artist below. My appointment recommendations? For a spring refresh that will make your everyday life easier (and prettier), book her team for a lash lift, the most subtle brow microblading (rare!), and a hydrafacial! Get 20% off your first brow service when you mention The Chalkboard, for a limited time!

Name: Stevi Christine of Naturally by Stevi Christine 

Claim to fame: The undone done brow.

Favorite neighbors at the new studio: We’re right across the street from the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel with their rooftop bar and lobby tea room. And I recently discovered the cutest gluten-free Italian place called Impasta! I also love two nearby restaurants, Nerano and De Carla Cafe.

Treatments we offer in studio: We are known for eyebrow shaping. We also offer brow lamination and microblading. All these treatments add up to perfect natural looking brows!

We also offer lash lifts, hydrafacials and scalp pigmentation for those of us with thinning hair. The pigmentation procedure is incredible; it’s microblading for your hairline, scalp and anywhere needed — covers scars too!

Our most popular treatments lately: Definitely brow lamination and lash lifts. Our microblading is becoming more and more popular as well, as our clients experience our incredibly talented microblading artist who is known for her subtlety!

How I got into the brow game…I began as a makeup artist trained directly under the one and only Laura Mercier. Her method was all about skin prep before makeup and prepping the brows played an important role in that. This was years before anyone really was focused on brows! I am insanely detail-oriented and quickly fell in love with that art. Though I never sought out a career as an eyebrow artist, more and more of our clients began to seek me out for the service and the trajectory became an obvious next step!

I love the personal aspect of this work — the clients, their stories and helping them feel more confident then when they walked in!

Brows are having their biggest moment ever! Why do you think that is?
I think most of us forget about our brows, despite trends, a lot of us still do! Good brows accentuate our face and cheek bones and keep us looking youthful!

What’s next for brow trends? Tell us it’s not the return of skinny brows as rumored! Ugh… I don’t think that the skinny brow trend will stick! So many of us are still growing our brows out from that trend long ago.

I have said this time and time again: trends are great for high fashion shoots and runway, but I believe that best approach is more timeless — like a classic Chanel handbag that is never dated.

My favorite brow products + tools: I use my own products on most of my clients — the Brow Filler is a fine crayon and the Brow Definer is a multi-use powder wand I’m obsessed with. Both products come in five shades —  the tones of the products can be interchangeable which was a big thing for me. My sister-in-law is a redhead and my best friend has olive skin and dark hair — they both use the lightest tone of the Brow Definer! It’s really about personal preference and that’s what the products and treatments are all about.

For tools, I love my Tweezerman gold tweezers and gold scissors by Rubis! We also make a couple different little oils we give to our clients to use on their brows at home!

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fave clean beauty products? I’ve been loving ILIA, Westman Atelier and Saint Jane — love their skincare and lipglosses!

Uniform in the studio lately: I need to step up my game in this department after 2020-21! I haven’t shopped in so long. My go-to is often a vintage tee with jeans, a flowy dress paired with my gold Golden Goose sneakers (I wear them so much I am in need of a new pair), Chanel boots or my white Chloe Boots (I have them on today!).

You can book Stevi Christine and team above if you live in LA. Get more spa and beauty coverage here!

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