Stanley Travel Tumbler Alternatives

Whether it’s water, iced coffee or a glass of champagne, most of us will drink whatever is in hand pretty quickly. Since our goal is consistent hydration, we’re keen to keep a giant bottle or glass of water within arm’s reach at all times — even if accompanied by a cup of coffee or glass of wine!

Thanks in part to tiktok, the water bottle du jour has become the Stanley travel tumbler. Wherever we turn, there is a Stanley to be found — in offices, airports, friend’s kitchens, and (of course), influencer content.

While we’re all about a trend that encourages hydration and reduces single use plastic, these stainless steel tumblers have become one the most ‘basic’ accessories around. If there’s no shame in your hydration game, swipe up a Stanley — the cups are pretty, functional — and we won’t judge! But if you’d like to mix it up with something less ubiquitous, we’ve found these seven options are just as beautiful. Drink up!

7 Alternatives To The Ubiquitous Stanley Travel Tumbler

7 best water bottlesStanley “The Quencher” Travel Tumbler | The original Quencher tumbler is the tumbler we’re seeing everywhere. Go ahead and embrace the popular style in this sweet terra cotta shade, or find something new below!

Bink Day Bottle | Don’t sleep on the brand, BINK. These generously sized bottles will help you track your water intake and the color options are fresh, modern and easy to ‘wear’. Made with glass and silicone, dishwasher-safe.

water bottle alternativesFree People Tamra Copper Water Bottle | In Ayurveda, copper water bottles and cups are used to supplement the mineral into the diet — they’re also gorgeous. Learn more in our full story here: 10 Ways A Copper Water Bottle Can Change Your Life

Hitch Water Bottle | We’ve never seen anything quite like the Hitch bottle! The full-size water bottle has a trick up it’s sleeve, storing a removable cup and lid in the base that’s perfect for a cup of coffee or easily sip-able glass of water.

best water bottlesKinto Day Off Tumbler | We’re fans of everything that Japanese brand, Kinto makes and these monochromatic tumblers are no exception. This soft white bottle will blend right in with your other accessories whether you’re strictly into neutrals or committed to florals and prints.

CamelBak Horizon Tumbler | Like Stanley, Camelbak is committed to making some of the most durable consumer products out there. Their Horizon tumbler is perfect for those who need a reusable straw and want a colorful look.
water bottles we loveFrank Green Ceramic-Lined Water Bottle | This ceramic-lined bottle is triple vacuum-sealed to keep drinks incredibly cold (or hot). The Frank Green brand is committed to reducing single use items and their bottles come in a huge range of sizes!

Corkcicle. Cold Cup Insulated Tumbler | Corkcicle makes a whole universe of tumblers, cold cups, mugs, barware and other travel items focused on keeping things cold. Triple-insulated, car-friendly and comes with a ceramic lined straw.

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