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What was life before access to all things CBD? While access is certainly not yet universal, thousands of us are now able to purchase this healing, non-psychoactive component of cannabis — the question to answer now is which brands are best.

The lightning bolt rise in CBD’s popularity over the past year or so (plus the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp) has opened up a market flooded with a wide variety of goods. CBD tinctures, capsule and topicals have transformed most TCMer’s self-care routines overnight.

We were genuinely thrilled to encounter the brand new online CBD retailer, Standard Dose, whose board includes former president of L’Oreal, Jim Morrison, and which provides a highly curated collection of topical and ingestible CBD products. As a bonus, everything Standard Dose offers happens to be gorgeous.

Standard Dose vets all brands with actual lab testing to ensure product claims, making their fine-tuned offering of tinctures, creams, edible products and beauty solutions safe, natural and genuinely effective.

CBD works by activating our bodies’ innate endocannabinoid system, which is intertwined with our nervous system. Taking CBD can help with a wide range of chronic issues including pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and overall wellbeing.

Not all CBD products are created to suit our high-standards. It’s a bit of a wild west scenario out there right now. We’re excited to see which brands and retailers start to stand out from the crowd and take the lead in this emerging space.

Here are a few of our favorite finds from Standard Dose online shop – a few picks from every category. What are your favorite CBD products so far?


Standard Dose cbd tinctureStandard Dose Tincture| Standard Dose’s namesake tincture is a blend of pure and potent CBD with MCT oil. Drizzle a few drops under your tongue when you need a boost of calm. We love keeping one of these on our desks and dosing up throughout the day. CHECK OUT

Period Pain Relief

Standard Dose cbd pms patch Period from Good Patch | Coming from a brand we know and love, this hemp infused transdermal patch is a powerful way to relieve pain. Stick the invisible sticker onto the inside of your wrist and let the ingredients do the work. The patch contains 15mg of premium hemp extract with menthol for minor aches and pains, and black cohosh to help hormone-related discomfort. CHECK OUT

Standard Dose cbd pms creamDr Kerklaan Natural PMS Cream | This natural CBD-infused cream takes the edge off period pain. Rub it onto your belly and lower back to help relieve cramps, bloating and soreness.  CHECK OUT


Standard Dose cbd olive oilPlant People Olive Oil | An easy way to add more CBD to your daily routine is to drizzle it on everything, obviously. This cannabis-infused olive oil won’t get you high, but it will deliver a dose of pure CBD in a deliciously versatile way. Top off your roasted veggies with a hit of the oil, swirl it into a salad dressing or stir some into soup.  CHECK OUT

Standard Dose cbd raw honeyPotli Hemp Infused Raw Honey | A sweet little spoonful of this CBD honey is all you need. CBD works its magic while you’re also getting the benefits of raw honey – put this sweet stuff on everything. Your entertaining game will never be the same. CHECK OUT


Standard Dose cbd overnight maskHora Overnight Exfoliating Mask  | One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that it helps reduce inflammation in a major way. It has a tangible impact within our bodies, but it helps when used topically too. This overnight exfoliating mask improves the look and feel of our skin overnight. It gently dissolves dead skin while nourishing deeply with vitamin A, borage oil, MCT oil, evening primrose oil and a whole bunch of CBD. CHECK OUT

Standard Dose cbd body balmKhus + Khus Rasa Restorative Potion | This restorative body balm is a blend of powerful healing plant butter and hemp CBD. It includes reishi and chaga as well as California poppy for a balancing effect. Use it all over your body or dab a little by your eyes for an intensely moisturizing treatment. CHECK OUT


Standard Dose cbd sleep tonicRobyn for Sleep from Mineral | A calming 1:1 ratio of cannabinoids to sleep-focused terpenes makes these drops perfect for capping off a long day. Take this high-concentration of hemp oil 30 minutes before bed and let yourself melt into sleep. CHECK OUT 

Muscle Relief

Standard Dose cbd pain stick wildflowerWildflower Cool Stick | This cute and compact stick can be rubbed over any pain points in your body to reduce inflammation and provide instant pain relief. The cooling sensation from peppermint essential oil paired with the healing properties of CBD are the perfect one-two-punch for muscular aches, acne, sunburn, headaches and so much more. CHECK OUT

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