A Sourdough Flatbread Recipe To Feed Your Rustic Daydreams – And Your Friends

Recently, we’re learning all about how to make sourdough breads from scratch with the inspiring ladies behind Heritage Gatherings, a team of three women who host education on traditional techniques in stunning natural locations.

This sourdough flatbread recipe creates a soft yet crusty sourdough pizza that can be covered with your fave seasonal toppings; the possibilities are endless and the process is actually way easier than it seems.

Discover the health benefits of sourdough and snag the simple sourdough starter recipe you’ll need here.

Sourdough FlatbreadSourdough can often be more easily digested by those who have trouble consuming other breads as it involves a slow, natural fermentation process. According to the Heritage founders, “the fermentation process makes it easier to digest by breaking down gluten and providing the good tummy bacteria, a natural probiotic if you will. I love baking with sourdough because of the health benefits and flavor profile.”how to make Sourdough Flatbread

Whip up a cute little sourdough flatbread or two the next time you’re hosting or simply hungry for a new culinary challenge…

Sourdough Flatbread Pizzas
Makes 2 to 4 small flatbreads


1/2 cup recently hydrated sourdough starter (here’s how)
1 tsp salt
2 ½ cups flour
1 cup water


Mix together sourdough starter, sea salt and water. Add 2 ½ cups of flour. Knead dough for about 5 to 8 minutes, adding more flour, a little at a time if needed. The amount of flour needed will depend on the hydration level of the sourdough starter — the flour-to-water ratios used when feeding the starter.

Allow the dough to rest covered for at least 6 to 8 hours, or overnight. When ready to make, preheat the oven to 450°F.

Divide dough into 2 to 4 balls.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough. Transfer to a pizza stone or cookie sheet.

Bake the crust for approximately 6 minutes. Remove the crust from the oven. Add desired toppings and bake until the crust browns and the cheese melts (if using). About 6 to 8 more minutes.

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  1. Thankyou, thankyou, thanyou for this recipe and easy to follow instructions!!!!
    This is the first time I’ve ever made pizza with a crispy base !!!
    I’ve tried in the past and gave up but yours worked perfectly and the cooking times you have put are spot on
    I’ve recently ventured into making sourdough starter and it is thriving and hubby and daughter wanted pizza tonight so I tried your recipe and it was perfect even here in Australia with Australian measurements

    Rebecca | 05.17.2020 | Reply

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