TCM Rides: Our Interview with SoulCycle + A Giveaway

Here at the Chalkboard, we’re big fans of a good sweat-fest, love esthetically beautiful spaces and are always open to a little inspiration.  All of this adds up to our love of SoulCycle! If you haven’t heard of SoulCycle’s amazing spin studios yet, you are about to – SoulCycle is taking LA by storm! Read below the interview to learn how to join our class July 9!

TCM: Can you tell us the story of SoulCycle and how it opened? What was the impetus behind opening? What makes it perfect for a southern California location?

Julie: “Shortly after we both had relocated to New York City, we began searching for some type of cardio exercise that we could fall in love with. But unfortunately, no luck. There were certainly enough ways to burn calories, but nothing that was inspiring. Ultimately we realized they would have to create it! We both believed indoor cycling could be inspiring; we both believed you could incorporate upper body and core workout into the routine and finally, we believed with some great branding, a beautiful environment and outstanding customer service, the 45-minute class could be transformed into a special experience each time.

It’s funny, because in a lot of ways, SoulCycle was born in Los Angeles. I learned to ride at studios in Los Angeles and am thrilled to come full circle and bring SoulCycle to LA. We understand that LA residents take fitness very seriously – in LA, fitness is a way of life.  We think LA residents will embrace the SoulCycle workout and lifestyle with open arms. We want to bring our supportive fitness community to LA riders.”

TCM: Why spinning?

Elizabeth: “It is effective, fun and low impact on your joints. Plus, anyone can do it!”

TCM: Why is SoulCycle the best cycling destination?

Elizabeth: “It is a cardio party on the bike where you can have fun AND burn 500-700 calories in 45-minutes. We created SoulCycle because we were looking a fun and effective cardio workout with a mind/body connection. We took the traditional indoor cycling workout and evolved into a full-body cardio party on the bike.”

TCM: What’s next for SoulCycle LA?
Elizabeth: “We are opening in Brentwood in late August or early September and in Santa Monica in November. Additional LA locations will open in 2013.”

TCM: Tell us about the all star staff at the SoCal locations.

Julie: “We are incredibly lucky to work with an amazing and engaging staff who love the brand just as much as we do.”

TCM: What is your favorite workout clothing brand?

Julie: “SoulCycle, of course! I have a pair of Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings that I love and I always wear Adidas high-top sneakers.

Elizabeth: “Falke sports bras – bar none the best on the market.”

TCM: What is your pre-spin and post spin routine?

Julie: “I usually eat a handful of almonds or a banana with almond butter before I ride. As far as music, whatever our instructors are listening to – I give them my iPod and have them update it regularly.”

Elizabeth: “I eat an egg white wrap before I ride. Doesn’t matter from where, but it needs to be in a whole wheat wrap – with spinach, if possible.”

TCM GIVEAWAY: West Hollywood July 9th!

Win yourself a seat at the Chalkboard Mag’s Private SoulCycle Spin July 9th! All local – or perhaps travel-ready – readers are eligible to enter!  Leave us your favorite healthy pre or post workout tip below and we will select a few readers to join us for a GREAT spin!  We can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. My favorite post class is a hydrating raw coconut water because it has natural electrolytes and sugars along with tasting so refreshing!

    Tasha | 07.02.2012 | Reply
  2. There’s nothing like a green juice after a tough workout, especially Pixie’s class at SoulCycle! I’m partial to a kale, cucumber, apple and a hint of ginger concoction although as long as there are some greens and a light fruit option, I’m sold! The juice bar at Equinox just across the way from SoulCycle is my go-to for a nutritious post-spin drink.

    sheena | 07.02.2012 | Reply
  3. Hydration (as Sheena and Tasha have noted above) is really really important. And I go for water. A full water bottle drunk before workout and a full water bottle drunk immediately after workout help your body maintain a balance.

  4. I drink a full bottle of water a little bit before class, during I slowly drink another ful bottle without chugging it ever, and after I follow with sipping another full bottle while I go home, shower, and get dressed. Then I have some protein fast, like a grilled chicken breast or a handful of nuts.

    Olivia | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  5. My favorite post workout tip is a nice long massage. Works wonders 🙂

    Amy Block | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  6. It is so important to stretch after a workout. I also love a good glass of chocolate milk which was recommended by a trainer when I first started working out and it’s a sweet treat that’s good for you after cardio training!

    Abby | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  7. My favorite post workout treat is a cup of grapes and a banana while I cool off and doing some extra stretching!

    Hilary | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  8. I try to reach for something proten filled after doing coconut water hydration. Usually a rice cake with peanut butter or a skyr yogurt drink.

    Yana | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  9. I live in New York, and spin at Soul Union Square. When the Greenmarket farmers market is open, I head over after class and pick up a fresh apple, berries, or homemade granola! I eat it on my walk home.

    Sydney | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  10. I love to have a pressed juicery coconut water right after my workout. Before and after I do a lot of stretching and then let my body absorb the heat of the room while I talk long deep breaths.

    Melissa | 07.03.2012 | Reply
  11. Water, protein and a great shower or dip in the ocean!!!! 🙂

    Seana | 07.04.2012 | Reply
  12. Thank you to everyone for your fantastic responses – such great tips!
    We have emailed the winners and cannot wait to ride with you on the 9th!

  13. I’m a big Soul Cycle fan (and I’m a crack-fiend for Soul Cycle’s resident Spinpimp, Janet Fitzgerald, who teaches at Soul Cycle in New York, and occasionally graces us with her presence here in L.A.). I love to eat fresh veggies before a workout. They give me energy without weighing me down. Afterwards, I grab a coconut water, or replenish with a banana.

    Paula Puryear Martin | 08.02.2012 | Reply

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