The Importance of Setting Intention

When we run head first into a situation without anytime to prepare our minds, we often miss the opportunity to communicate effectively.  When we can prepare ourselves, set an intention for a given interaction and enter with a calm attitude, we can create the results we want.  Setting an intention before anything – from taking a yoga class, going on a date or giving a presentation at work – helps to organize one’s thoughts and put the mind at ease.

What perspective and point of view do you want to carry into the situation?  What results do you want?  What do you need to express?  Establishing the attitude and intention behind your actions will ensure that you don’t allow your emotions to lead you where you don’t want to go.  Before something important (or even something small), spend a few moments to set an intention.  Let it roll around in your mind and when you settle on it, keep coming back to it through out the experience to remind yourself.  Notice how calm and steady you can be through the power of your intention.

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