Sophie Uliano is our kind of woman. She’s blazing trails through the green living space and helping women everywhere find earth-friendly, non-toxic, safer ways to live – all while looking like a million bucks. In her fourth book, the new Gorgeous For Good Sophie is yet again proving that “going green” doesn’t mean kicking your good aesthetics to the curb.

Earlier this month, we shared Sophie’s 6 beauty ingredients every woman should avoid. Today, we’re quizzing this green guru with a millions questions in our Living Well With feature (see all our wellness pro features here.) Make a few notes: the supplements she swears by, her must-have travel gear, and a crazy natural remedy we did not see coming…

Daily breakfast:

Smoothie made with banana, blueberries, ground flax seed, raw nuts, seeds, greens, etc. Loose-leaf black tea, and sometimes a slice or two of gluten-free toast with Melt spread and raw almond butter. Or I’ll make a chia quinoa porridge.

food philosophy in one sentence:

Whole-food plant-based all the way!

Daily supplements:

As I am vegan, I take a B complex. I take turmeric capsules, a D supplement if I am not getting enough sun, and iodoral to support my thyroid.

Can’t live without my:

Ground flax (best source of omega 3s and keeps me regular!).

Once a week for my health I…

Take time out with my family where we all do a digital detox. Even if it’s for 2 hours, we get to sit over a beautiful dinner and really connect.

Fave workout:

Yoga all the way!

healthy food on the go:

Mason jar salad packed with healthy seeds, nuts and beans.

always in my medicine cabinet:

Lavender essential oil, coconut oil, aloe vera juice.

At least once a week…

I cook something with seaweed in it because it is supportive of thyroid function due to its high iodine content – this is usually a hearty miso soup.

just one piece of health advice...

Meditate everyday because in that quietness you will get the guidance and inspiration that will inform all of your choices and decisions.

Current reading list:

Easter Rising (because it’s on my daughter’s summer reading list), Fragrant by Mandy Aftel (because I’m obsessed with perfume, essential oils and the art of perfumery) and The Gift (poems by Hafiz, the great Sufi master).

Ingredient I avoid:

Artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and paraben – however, I look to the formulation and brand as a whole, more than picking out single ingredients to avoid.

Crazy idea that actually works:

If you have the embarrassing condition of hemorrhoids, here’s something crazy that worked for me when I had them after giving birth: Use a small, peeled garlic clove and put it up there (as you would an enema) – you’ll never have to see it again! It is the only thing that works because the garlic shrinks the inflamed tissue and basically zaps the nasty things!

always in my travel gear:

Xlear Nasal Spray, Gorgeous For Good by Uma Oils Wellness essential oil blend, a Yogo travel yoga mat, a small aromatherapy diffuser, Grace Face Balm by Chandanni, Andalou Naturals hand cream, and a lavender-filled eye mask.


Prayer and meditation.

Simplest way to improve health:

Switch to a whole-food plant-based diet and meditate at least once a day.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

If I’m out and about and want to grab a juice, I’ll always look for one that contains beets because I detest having to chop and peel them at home. Greens, beets, lemon, apple and ginger is a personal favorite.

Fave healthy getaway:

Parrot Cay by COMO iconon an island off the coast of Turks & Caicos

My current mantra:

Take the first step and the rest will follow.

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