Wild weekend or savage holiday season – we love a good cleanse to help reboot our systems. For some, that commitment can feel overwhelming — especially after a thoroughly DGAF food frenzie —  and we get it.

For yogi and superfood master, Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie, learning to love cleansing, and making the most of each one, comes down to a matter of perspective… and the right snacks. Thanksgiving isn’t for another month, but we’re already working out ways to keep things in balance.  If you’re planning a detox period too, be sure to check out these tips from Sophie…

In our fast-paced world where packed planners and pinging phones are the norm, it’s no wonder that our bodies, minds and souls crave and require moments of stillness and rejuvenating rest. There’s truly no better way though to counterbalance everyday stresses and give our soul some R+R than through doing a restorative cleanse.

After over a decade of doing food-based cleanses full of beautiful, wholesome ingredients, I’ve made cleansing a regular part of my life. They’re not just a fad, they’re not only for pre-festival preparation or post-holiday bloat relief – cleanses are here to stay. In helping clients like Gerard Butler, Stacy Keibler and George Clooney detox in safe and manageable ways, I’ve come to hold a deep respect for these magical detox periods that are best practiced with the change of the seasons.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, cleanses also allow you to connect to your natural cycles and rhythms of nature – you notice the ebbs and flows of your energy levels and discover things that drain you (so you can eliminate them as much as possible), as well as what best nourishes your body.

Cleanses aren’t only about what you’re putting into your body; they’re also a time to come back to a ritual of meditation, a spiritual yoga practice, hiking or being in nature. A three-, five-, or ten-day cleanse program can be a transformational time where you experience breakthroughs in your personal and spiritual life. As a reliable tool that can challenge your edge and expand your growth, they’re something that we can and should return to again and again.

To make the most of your cleansing journeys, I encourage you to practice these 5 tips:

Completely shift the way you think about cleansing. It’s not about deprivation. Cleansing shouldn’t be about calorie-counting or leaving your plate half full. When you eat meals bursting with colorful, nutrient-dense fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts and seeds, you can eat to your heart’s content! Think a cacao almond-butter smoothie for breakfast, a superfood salad full of avocado, and a creamy, dairy-free butternut squash soup made with Philosophie Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend for dinner. This special time is all about celebrating your body and connecting to beautiful, wholesome foods.

Stock up on nourishing drinks + snacks. Try Pressed Juicery’s chlorophyll lemonade paired with a handful of Brazil nuts. When you have a wholesome, nutrient-dense juice or snack in your kitchen (or your purse), you’ll have an easy time doing your cleanse. It’s when we’re hungry and without healthy options that we tend to grab whatever processed, greasy item is within reach. When you’re shopping or preparing foods for your cleanse, pick items that you’re genuinely excited to try so that you can’t wait to eat them.

Make water your new best friend. Drink water all day long. Lemon water when you wake up, water after a superfood breakfast smoothie, water after lunch, water after dinner. In the evening, wind down with a detox herbal tea. If you like to jazz up your water, drop in some cucumbers or strawberries and basil. To keep your water cool and refreshing, invest in a quality, stainless steel water bottle that you can bring with you everywhere.

While cleansing, say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to yourself. Make this a time about recharging your batteries. Detoxes are a time for you to prioritize you. It’s best to minimize socializing and pouring out your energy; instead, shift to activities that help preserve and revitalize your energy. If you’re an extrovert, this can be hard but when you cultivate some quiet time for yourself, you’ll come out of your detox brighter than ever. Journaling serves as a rewarding practice during cleansing, in which you’ll discover more about yourself, what patterns you don’t want to take into the next cycle, and how you want to further grow and blossom as a human.

Create other cleanse rituals. From a bath at the end of a long day to keeping your phone on airplane mode for several hours while you restore your heart and mind, cleansing comes in all forms. When you spend time away from situations that drain you, even for a little bit, you’ll feel radiant, energetic and have an easy time finding gratitude for all of the little beautiful things in your life and on your path.

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