Our Ultimate Wellness Secret: What Happened When We Tried Somavedic’s Vedic EMF Effects Mitigating Device

The topic of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is just starting to “halt and catch fire,” or rather, frequency. For years, experts who were considered to be on the fringe of wellness exclaimed that consistent and chronic exposure to EMFs in our homes and environment were a detriment to our health. Seemingly insidious, the long-term effects of EMF exposure include oxidative stress, nervous system dysfunction, neurological degradation, and “deterioration in large molecules in cells and imbalance in ionic equilibrium.”

With EMFs being emitted from everyday items like microwaves, computers, wifi, mobile phones, bluetooth, and power lines, how are any of us supposed to stand a chance at avoiding these destabilizing fields?

Somavedic—one of the EMF effect mitigation OGs—is combining holistic Eastern wellness approaches with innovative Western technology to produce EMF effect mitigation devices that have been designed on the principle of a controlled release of energy from minerals. In simple terms: Their devices deliver a coherent, “protective” bubble that provides a 360-degree protection field within 100 feet in all directions—yes, even penetrating through walls.

So when we were prompted to try the Vedic, we didn’t think twice about incorporating this device into our daily lives. It also doesn’t hurt that Somavedic offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so our trial was as risk-free as possible. The TL;DR: we’re still obsessed.

HOW IT WORKS: Somavedic operates as an always-on, rest-and-recovery frequency therapy device. Inside the device are precious stones, minerals, and proprietary technology that help amplify the properties of the stones, therefore releasing their energy. This amplification process generates a controlled release of energy and a coherent field that collaborates with the human body, protecting it against the adverse effects of EMFs.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT: The efficacy of Somavedic’s technology is not just anecdotal but scientifically validated. Last year, they collaborated with BrainTap on a study that showed that its EMF Effects Mitigating Devices statistically led to a significant improvement in sleep quality and mood, as well as a reduction in stress and depression levels.

The six-week study involved 20 participants aged 34-65, who underwent two daily BrainTap sessions while in close proximity to a Somavedic device. Results revealed that 100% of participants experienced deeper, more restful sleep, with 90% reporting an increase in happiness and overall disposition. To assess the results and effectiveness, participants completed the Pittsburgh Quality of Sleep Index, the Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire, and the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale (DASS-21).

Other noted benefits included improved energy levels, HRV, and cellular regeneration (aka healing and recovery).

EFFECTS ON WATER STRUCTURING: Given that EMF literally changes the molecular structure of water—which is concerning considering the human body is made up of roughly 60% of water—water restructuring is crucial. The Vedic can create harmonized, structured water and help you increase your hydration capabilities. Somavedic recommends simply putting your water next to the device, ideally not further than 8 inches away, and drinking it as soon as 15-20 minutes later, or letting it go overnight and drinking it first thing in the AM.

Water structuring is so important because it changes the water’s molecular arrangement, making it more bioavailable and beneficial to the body. Structured water mimics the state of water in natural environments, which is believed to be easier for cells to absorb, thereby improving hydration and overall wellbeing.

OUR VEDIC EXPERIENCE: When we first took our Vedic out of the box, we wondered how on earth this very “zoomy,” hand-blown glass home accessory was going to do anything more than just look good in our living area. Somavedic instructed that we place it on a stable surface, and then plug it into a power outlet to allow it to operate for 24 hours so as to reach its full equilibrium, so we decided on our bedroom since sleep was at the top of our “challenge” list.

It lit up—almost like a night light—and, admittedly, it made the room feel more soothing almost immediately (even though it takes some time to reach its full charge).

Within one week, we noticed a significant difference in our sleep, and this is not an exaggeration. Prior to placing the Vedic on our nightstand, we were struggling to calm our thoughts at night, taking over an hour to fall asleep. The worst part: even when we fell asleep, we couldn’t stay asleep, meaning morning alarms had us waking in a wirey panic.

Post-Vedic, we’re able to fall asleep within 15 minutes, stay asleep, and wake up feeling totally recharged. It’s actually made it enjoyable to think of getting ready for bed instead of a dreaded “We won’t be able to do it” essential part of our routine.

Why We’re STILL Obsessed: The Vedic provides a unique and one-of-a-kind wellness-tech experience that renders a myriad of scientifically-studied functional health benefits, and we were able to notice all of them—better energy, better concentration, better digestion, reduced stress, and significantly improved sleep.

Different models of Somavedic are designed with specific focuses in mind, such as varying levels of EMF effects mitigating, sleep-enhancing qualities, or water structuring. The Vedic is their best-selling harmonizing devices on the market with 50% more potency compared to preceding product generations. 

SOME VIBRATIONAL TIPS + TRICKS: Somavedic typically suggests placing the Vedic in whatever room one spends the majority of their time or where you find yourself surrounded by EMF Effects Mitigating devices—like a living room, home office, or kitchen area.

While it might seem tempting to want to move the Vedic around your home to see how it affects you differently per room, Somavedic doesn’t recommend moving the device around for a few reasons. he device frequently isn’t recommended for a couple of reasons. Each time it’s relocated, it needs time to effectively harmonize the space around it, which can diminish its overall effectiveness. Additionally, since the device is crafted from handblown glass, frequent movement raises the risk of accidental damage or breakage, compromising its functionality. It’s best to choose a suitable location for your device and allow it to remain there consistently for optimal performance.

On Our Somavedic Wish List

HARMONY | We tried the Harmony back in 2021, and were blown away by the palpable benefits of EMF effects mitigation. As one of Somavedic’s more affordable devices, it’s also one of its more portable models, suitable for smaller rooms, offices, and regular car commutes, putting it at the top of our Travel Essentials list. It is the smaller variant to Somavedic’s Sky model, but still packs a protective punch against free radicals, neutralizing the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Bluetooth, and GPS on the body. We also suspect it helps to prevent road rage, but that is just a suspicion!

TINY | Somavedic’s smallest device—Tiny—is a small but might energy shield to carry in your back pocket no matter where you are. This is perfect for someone who already owns an EMF Effects Mitigating Device, but is looking for on-the-go support. Tiny stays active for 8 hours from an overnight charge next to a Somavedic, and covers a distance of a few feet in all directions. It creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 20″.

Use the promo code TCM15 at checkout to receive a generous 15% discount on your entire purchase. Don’t miss this chance to explore Somavedic’s offerings at a more accessible price.

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