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Hello, gorgeous. We’re talking beauty tech in this week’s TCM Item of Week spotlight– a topic on which we honestly have so much to say. The SolaWave is already one of the most affordable high-tech skincare tools out there and is now also running a ‘buy one, get one’ sale for the holidays which is pretty insane! Here’s our take…

TCM Item of the Week: The SolaWave Review

Anyone who’s had a great facial in the past few years knows that a significant change in skin clarity, tone or glow comes from far more than just a professionally applied mask or cleanser. Beauty technologies are blowing our minds lately, from microcurrent facials to the latest LED lights and lasers. They’re definitely effective, but they’re not cheap and, for most of us, they’re a rare treat.

Meet The SolaWave | A hand-held facial wand that combines four of the best-known in-office skin treatments — microcurrent, red light therapy, lifting massage, and therapeutic warmth — into a daily 5-minute treatment.

The SolaWave combines some of the most coveted modern derm treatments into an accessible and enjoyable experience at home (or wherever — the wand is super portable!). And it’s just $150 — the most affordable skincare tech we’ve seen.

Why you need it | Over the years we’ve met some of the best derms and facialists in LA and NYC and have learned a lot about beauty technology. We’ve tried most of the top tech ourselves and have heard an earful about it from pros who take their work very seriously. Our top learning? That LED and microcurrent therapies really work — and work big time. However, too few of us use them often enough to see the full impact.

Professional LED and microcurrent therapies are expensive. And consistent treatment is key which adds up even further.

When it comes to at-home devices, a top Hollywood facialist once admitted to us that most of them were highly effective, but that she could never get clients to stick with a consistent regimen and see results. Relatable.

We’ve owned all the full face LED masks and microcurrent devices, but consistent use of both is an undertaking that only the most devoted beauty junkies can take on.

The Experience | Once we unboxed the SolaWave, we got the appeal right away; the stick is about the size of a toothbrush and just as light. It could fit into your WFH desk or travel bag to use at any time, no excuses. It’s USB-powered and powers up with a light touch.

Since the tool is so small, light and takes just 5 minutes a day to use, it’s impossible not to get into a habit of using it. The warm vibrations are just near addictive and a great way to treat yourself without dragging out a lot of equipment.

Although we’ve focused on the SolaWave’s red LED light and microcurrent benefits because they’re so high-impact, we really shouldn’t underplay the tool’s other two functions: heat therapy and vibration. There are actually more expensive beauty tools out there that provide vibration only! Vibrating skincare tools have become popular with good reason, they quell puffiness fast and feel amazing during skin prep. Together the heat and vibration also help skincare ingredients absorb well into the skin to maximize their effectiveness.

The vibrations in SolaWave also stimulates circulation for lymphatic health. We’ve spoken with a ton of lymphatic health pros and you’d be surprised by the ‘feather light’ touch that’s required to help support lymph flow in the face (read: lift and depuff!). A vibrational massage does just that, helping the lymphatic fluid just beneath the surface of your skin flow for better circulation and a more sculpted look.

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SolaWave also makes a blue light wand designed specifically to fight breakouts. It doesn’t use microcurrent, but does use therapeutic heat and vibration. We wish we had this tool when we were fourteen! If you’re using the BOGO deal this holiday, you could also purchase one red and one blue light wand to use interchangeably depending on your skin’s needs.

The Get | If you’re interested in beauty technology, but not interested or able to drop the north of $500 it usually costs to invest in a tool (or a series of pro appointments), the SolaWave is a great way to get started and actually stay consistent. The tool delivers four therapies in one five minute treatment time:

+ The combined therapies of microcurrent, red LED light therapy, therapeutic warming, and facial massage make the tool worth the effort.
+ The warmth and vibration make the SolaWave a joy to use. Bring the lightweight tool with you on 5 minute breaks while reading, watching YouTube or obsessing over your skin in the mirror. (Just don’t take it in the shower as it’s not water-proof.)
+ The brand also makes an aloe-based Renew Complex Serum with skincare superstars blue tansy and hyaluronic acid. As with any skincare tool, providing slip is key to avoid pulling at your skin.

SolaWave ’s buy one, get one offer this holiday makes gifting a no-brainer. Get the tool for yourself and a friend. Is there a better way to shop?

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