Now that the kids are occupied with paper bags full of chocolate, caramel apples and rainbow-colored candies, it’s time for you to indulge in a few grown-up treats! The mood calls for some serious spookiness, and what better inspiration than a vampire’s favorite drink? This Halloween cocktail sports the perfect deep-red color, derived from one of our most beloved ingredients, rose petals, boiled down into a syrup. When paired with tart grapefruit juice, the syrup’s sweetness is balanced out, leaving behind the earthy notes we love. And to top it off, it calls for not one but two alcohols, whiskey and rosé – an unusual and delicious combination perfect for this out-of-the-ordinary Friday night.

We owe this spooktacular recipe to Dana Raidt of Hello Natural, one of our go-to sites for all things green and natural. Channel your inner vampire, slip into your most jaw-dropping costume, and give Dana’s recipe a whirl…

This is the perfect drink for seasonal transition – it’s refreshing, but still takes the chill out of your bones. The whiskey and citrus are reminiscent of a comforting old fashioned, but the rosé and sparkling water make it light and bright. Perfect for when you can’t decide between whiskey and wine.

You can purchase good-quality rose syrup, or make it yourself using food-grade rosewater and/or organic rose petals. If you want a slightly less acidic cocktail, use a couple small segments of grapefruit peel rather than the slices for the garnish. The peel will impart the oils of the fruit without adding to the drink’s acidity.

Blood Red Rosé-Rose Cocktail


2 oz whiskey (we used Jack Daniels Single Barrel)
3 oz rosé wine
1 tsp rose syrup
2 Tbsp fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
sparkling water to taste
grapefruit slices or peel, for garnish


Mix the ingredients (except for garnish) and pour over ice in a lowball glass.

Top with a couple ounces sparkling water, and add grapefruit slices or peel to the glass.

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