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DIY beauty isn’t for everyone. And, heck, as much as we talk about non-toxic ingredients, not everyone’s completely ready to part ways with their conventional beauty products either. We’re all about those baby steps.

Want better skin, but not ready to part with your skin care products? Adina Grigore, the creator of S.W. Basics has authored a natural beauty book we’re loving. Skin Cleanse breaks down holistic beauty in a way that’s completely accessible and full of glow-inducing takeaway. Adina is the queen when it comes to honing in on individual ingredients, their benefits and some of our favorite DIY’s based on them. Like us, Adina is always ready to help a gal find those tiny steps forward in the direction of cleaner living. We love that she included these cute and useful ideas in the book on  adding all-natural boosters to your current conventional products…

This is for those of you who feel as if you just can’t part with your products or makeup, but you are interested in doing something a little different to get better skin. You don’t have to stop using your products; you are just going to add in one or two of the all-natural recipes and you’ll pick one or two of the ingredients to use on their own.

It’s sort of like topical supplementing. Since the ingredients are completely natural, they provide much-needed nutrients for your skin. You should notice smoother, clearer skin within a few days.

If you prefer not to use one of the recipes, select an ingredient or two from this list to mix into your existing products. You can add an exfoliating ingredient to your face wash, an oil to your moisturizer, a “butter” to your mask…it won’t take much extra time, but you’ll definitely feel extra fancy.

Here are some great ingredients to add to your routine. Start by mixing one part ingredient to one part product in your hand or a small bowl, and experiment with more or less as you go:

6 natural ingredients to add to your conventional products

Oat scrub

Add oat flour into your face wash

Clean moisture

Add olive oil into your moisturizer

Deep cleansing

Clay into your shampoo

Healing remover

Aloe leaf or juice into your makeup remover

Detox bath

A cup of sea salt in your bath water

Mask wash

Honey as a face wash (apply like a mask, then rinse with warm water), then follow with the rest of your routine as normal

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