For The Moisture-Obsessed: The Shea Butter Massage You Need To Try

When winter hits, does your body lotion habit reach obsession-level heights? Ours too.

We’re not going to be shy about it. Embrace that moisturization fixation and take all that skin quenching to the next level – at the spa!

Exhale Spas in here in LA, New York, and throughout the country are offering a treatment we’re calling the treatment of Winter 2015. It’s a traditional Swedish massage that uses gobs of warm shea butter to quench skin from head-to-toe throughout the treatment. Honestly, we wish we could slip in to Exhale for this every other day – and we’re in Los Angeles! New Yorkers, this treatment has your name all over it.

We’re giving away one treatment to a lucky reader who lives anywhere in the U.S. – there are Exhale Spas across the country, but we’re crossing our fingers that a reader in the frozen Northeast wins! Get all the details below.

Here’s a little bit more about shea butter if you’re not familiar with this miracle moisturizer…

Shea butter

…moisturizes and conditions skin.
…quickly soothes and heals skin.
…has anti-inflammatory properties.
…is an ideal antioxidant.
…is rich in vitamins A and E.
…is high in fatty acids which help skin to retain moisture and rejuvenate skin cells. 
…can help improve the condition of your skin and reduce the appearance of unwanted marks and blemishes.

Win exhale spa’s Shea Butter Massage! We’re giving away the Shea Butter Massage of your dreams! The new therapy runs $150 for 60-minutes and is available at Exhale LA/NY and the other locations in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Connecticut. Sign up for our TCM Newsletter, then leave a comment telling us why you need this moisture-rich massage! We’ll choose a winner at random on Wednesday, March 11th 2015 at 5PM P.S.T. Good luck, readers!

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  1. The combination of this FREEZING winter in NYC and dry office air has left my skin so dry that it’s raw and cracking! A treatment like this would be a lifesaver!

    brittany | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  2. Because this winter in NYC has been completely brutal on my skin! This sounds amazing!! (Also, I’m having trouble with the link to sign up for the newsletter, by the way–there’s no space to input your email address).

    Alie | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  3. This sounds heavenly right about now! It has been so cold, windy and dry here in Wisconsin that I was just saying the other day I wish I could be dunked in oil every night, but an Exhale Spa Shea Butter Massage sounds even better!

  4. I’m a freezing, starving grad student who must travel all the way from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side for school every day, and incidentally my school is right next to your Upper East Spa. Also my school is the IFA which is basically a school full of librarian fashionistas, so I am forced to look my best at all times. Help me!

    Akasya | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  5. I have a birthday coming up and my plan is to use a vacation day to relax and unwind with a full day at the spa. This would be the icing on the cake to help heal this working mom’s back while treating my skin.

    Samantha Feld | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  6. Shea butter massage > 7 degrees

    DeVon | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  7. I never had a problem with chronic dry skin until I moved to the dry and bitterly cold Northeast. I have tried all different remedies without really finding a solution. When I read about this giveaway, my skin sighed because of the relief it would feel for a full 60-minutes. So this is me pleasing for relaxation and my skin for relief! -xoxo, Erin

    Erin | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  8. It would a much needed therapy sesh, for my mind, body, and soul/spirit, for this nurse…. constantly washing my hands, always dry and ashy… it would be nice to de-stress, recover, re-discover and Reconnect with myself…. being in a career which is a calling who always puts others first. 60 glorious minutes… WOW.. IT would bring amazing!!!

    Joy Valdellon | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  9. This southern gal is spending the year in coastal Maine. Between working as an Occupational Therapist (where I use hand sanitizer ALL day) and shoveling/playing in the 0 degree weather, my skin is need of some serious love! I would adore every moment of this special treat, thank you for offering this!
    Xoxo- Markey

    Markey | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  10. I need this massage because I suffer from migraines and my doctor said massage really helps reduce them. It was also my birthday this week and it would truly be the icing on the cake.

    Vanessa | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  11. The Boston storms and below freezing temps have taken a toll on my skin! Plus I work to and from work every day where I do therapy with cancer patients. I could use a massage therapy session to help rejuvenate my skin and a little self-care! I am grateful for my health, ability to work and weather the storms. The massage treatment would be an awesome gift!!

    Nikki | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  12. This 2015 NYC winter is killing my skin. Living in a place where the cold hurts you, takes a toll. With a busy life, going to and from, a relaxing massage will help this stressed, cold, and busy girl just relax for once.

    Danielle | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  13. Oh, wow! This massage sounds heavenly! Would be a great treat before springtime 🙂

    Jenny | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  14. DUDE. Californian in New York during winter is not a joke. A soothing, moisturizing massage would result in tears of joy and a possible reversal of seasonal affective disorder.

    Lisa | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  15. Because all work (hunched over a desk) and no play = a very uncomfortable girl in need of a massage

    Jenna | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  16. Dreaming of this treatment from my bed, lathered in every lotion in my cabinet! This NY winter is a killer.

    Sarah | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  17. I have the driest skin EVER and I’ve never gotten a massage before so I feel this is the universe telling me I need this in my life! Plus my birthday is next week and this would make the best present ever 🙂

    Halle | 02.24.2015 | Reply
  18. This would be the BEST thing to happen to me all winter… I’ve been having dreams about bathing in a tub full of lotion…

  19. I’ve always wanted to try out this spa, but have never actually gone. This would be a great 1st experience!

    Andrea | 02.25.2015 | Reply
  20. 2015 Boston Snowpocolypse. Need I say more! My skin is dying for some extra special TLC and exhale spa is AWESOME!

    Loretta Noriega | 02.25.2015 | Reply
  21. I am a native southern Californian and this is my first East Coast winter, ever! The adjustment (and the seasonal affective disorder) have been rough! I love shea butter dearly (my love even got me shea butter soap for our first Valentine’s–swoon).

    Casey | 02.25.2015 | Reply
  22. My cold New York bones and hunched shoulders would be so very grateful for such a beautiful treat.

  23. This Dallas, Texas weather has been harsh on my skin! Super bipolar climate takes a definite toll on the bod. But I’m not entering for me… my mama deserves a good de-stressor.

    Jordan Troublefield | 02.25.2015 | Reply
  24. This winter has been brutal in Michigan on my skin and I would love his shea butter treatment would be amazing!

    Jane | 02.25.2015 | Reply
  25. I would love to have a Shea butter massage, especially in this brutal NYC winter, my skin is super dry!

    Jessica | 03.02.2015 | Reply
  26. I never thought I would have to deal with freezing temperatures and snow in Atlanta but it has been happening the past four years I have lived here. I was stuck inside for two days because of two inches of snow. My skin has never been drier and this would be the perfect remedy!

    Caitlyn | 03.02.2015 | Reply
  27. It’s been a really rough winter both physically and emotionally. I need this so I can mentally be whisked away to paradise!

    Jiyoung | 03.02.2015 | Reply

    The Chalkboard Mag | 03.12.2015 | Reply

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