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While being a successful fashion influencer requires creating a constant stream of new content, our favorite women have a signature look that they share on repeat. Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules is one of those women, and her consistently casual chic looks help shape the way we think about what we wear and how we wear it.

To celebrate Julie’s second collection launch with fashion-meets-fitnesswear brand, Bandier, we caught up with Julie to talk about how her summer is going — and how to take better photos while we’re soaking up more time outside the house…

Name: Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules

Current mood: Extra, extra happy (upside down emoji face).

Trend I love most right now: Color! I love that we are all leaving our homes and embracing the colors of summer through our outfits. I think this collection encompasses the California summer vibes perfectly through our saturated, fun hues. An outfit should make you smile and this collection does just that!

Trend I’m ready to see go: Right now, I am embracing everything and trying to look at trends in a different fresh perspective and adding my own twist.

The bike shorts trend had a slow start. Did it take you time to fall in love with?I fell in love with Bandier’s All Access biker shorts years ago! Biker shorts are a closet staple and create an effortless outfit. What I was always missing with my biker shorts was print and color! In my Sincerely Jules for Bandier collections, I turned up the color and added unexpected prints to create the ultimate, fashion-forward biker shorts I was always looking for.

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Favorite way to wear the shorts: My favorite way to wear the shorts is pared back with a matching bra and a colorful sweatshirt over my shoulders for a sporty-preppy vibe. It instantly gives you a bright, vibrant look perfect for summer nights in California. But for a more street-style look, I opt for an oversized white button up shirt, gold jewelry and kitten heels!

Best tip ever for taking a great photo: Be you! Pose in a way that make you feel beautiful and confident. Know your angles, play with different lighting (natural lighting is the best!) and just have fun! Take pictures in an outfit that makes you feel the most like yourself. For this collection, I loved shooting the active and posing differently than I normally do! The fabric is amazing and I felt so confident in it!

Best tip ever on dealing with social media noise + negativity: People will always have something to say, so it’s best to block, delete and move on. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade! Surround yourself with supportive friends/people that will always be there to uplift you and keep pushing you to move forward!

Do you have a favorite outfit in the new collection? It is tough to choose a favorite! Our printed sets may be the ones — a gingham set and tie-dye with floral set. They are so unique and we spent months perfecting them. I also love that I can throw on the Aster Tee at any time and know it will complete my outfit whether it’s an active look or street-style one.

Tool or habit you use to keep your spirits up? Sitting outside to get some sun. It helps me brighten up my mood and see things in a different way!

Best things you’ve eaten this summer so far? All the food on my European vacation — too much pasta, white wine and pastries!

Any new wellness discoveries this summer? Color Dept! My new clean, vegan and cruelty free nail line is the perfect accessory.

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