We Tried It: Cor Silver Soap

We see some interesting products come through our mailbox here at The Chalkboard, and every so often a product really catches our eye.  This round little ball of soap by Cor is one of them.  Cor’s straightforward modern packaging is appealing, but that’s not what had us so fascinated.  This translucent little ball of soap is much more than meets the eye!  In a new twist on sudsing up, Cor soap actually provides UV protection of SPF 15!

Cor is a New Zealand brand founded by skin cancer survivor Jennifer McKinley.  Knowing the importance of sun protection, Jennifer created a soap with not only sunscreen, but a bevy of powerful skin-protecting ingredients!  Sericin is the light-scattering protein derived from silk that gives this bar its UV protection.  Silver nano-particles provide cutting edge micro-protection and an antibacterial effect, protecting skin from acne breakouts and collagen breakdown.  The silk-derived sericin is combined with marine collagen and skin-evening fiber chitosan to form Cor’s unique CSC Compound.  All of these elements work together with hyaluronic acid, avocado and jojoba to make up one powerful little bar of soap!

Just in time for summer, Cor just might be the first bar of soap to make it into our bathtubs since bath gel and body wash were invented!  Pack a travel-friendly bar on one of your next vacations, knowing you’ve packed an extra layer of protection. Remember, whenever truly laying out in the sun, layering on sun protection is key.  Let Cor provide layer number one and add that heavy duty lotion on top!

Cor Giveaway!

Tell us how you stay cool and protected in the sun and win our Cor Silver Soap giveaway.  Leave your comments below and we’ll send the reader with the best tip their own silver soap to try themselves!

For more information or to purchase Cor products, check out their website at corsilver.com

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