One of the blogs we visit most often is The Local Rose, created by our November guest editor Shiva Rose. Though she’s well regarded for her beauty, hospitality and sense of style, it’s her devotion to living a healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable life that we always find endlessly inspiring (and yes, the vintage-filled closet doesn’t hurt either!) Though she’s serious about educating people and providing reliable resources for her readers, she has an exuberantly joyous spirit with an insatiable joie de vivre. Shiva is full of light and wisdom and every sentence is peppered with true wisdom and wonderful advice whether it’s the merits of nontoxic cinnamon, her quest to find the best milk delivery or sharing some bits of advice she’s gleaned from her favorite books and authors. In short, she is the true embodiment of her site.

Her Pacific Palisades home is ground zero for some of LA’s best parties and dinners and her kitchen is a shrine to the best local, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Across the room is a wood burning fire place, art from friends and, of course, a table filled with feathers, rocks and crystals she and her two daughters have found while hiking in and around rustic canyon. Inside her cabinets and fridge you’ll find hyper local items like the pineapple guavas picked right outside her door or eggs from one of her three chickens that are so rich in color and flavor, you’ll never want to eat a store-bought egg again.

Although Shiva created a spread that featured fresh avocado salsa, delicious scones and hearty breads, she generously whipped up one of the tastiest omelets we’ve ever had and a maca smoothie that she swears by. Ever the gracious hostess, she also took us on a tour of her magical veggie and herb garden at the base of the canyon that felt like you were being transported to some mythical forest. It was truly a morning we won’t forget and are excited to share the inspiring photos of Shiva’s wonderful LA retreat with you in our latest kitchen lookbook—get ready to add each and every photo to your vision (or Pinterest) board!

What’s you daily diet: 
“Oatmeal that’s been soaked overnight with cinnamon and almond milk, steamed raw milk from the Amish in decaffeinated espresso, nuts, cheese and fruit for lunch on the run. For dinner I will usually eat what I prepare for my girls. Soup, roasted vegetables, lentils sauteed with roasted tomatoes, mostly vegetarian dishes but with some animal protein twice or three times a week. Always a sweet after dinner; either fresh pie that I’ve made or ice cream.”

Entertaining go-to: “Fresh farmer’s market vegetables and dips. Homemade pizzas, quinoa roasted chickpea salad. Champagne or artisanal beers.”

Dinner on a busy night: “Avocados in olive oil and sea salt. Eggs from our chickens either as an omelet or with multi grain toast. There’s also always the back up plan of organic granola with raw goat yogurt.”

Quick breakfast: “Maca vanilla almond milk smoothie. Cinnamon toast with coconut oil.”

Changes in diet if you’re gearing up for a big event or vacation: “Cut back on ice cream and bread.”

Usual workout: “Hike in the hills above my house.”

Necessary indulgence: “Chocolate. Ice cream.”

Favorite recipe: “Tonight it’s roasted butternut squash topped with sauteed pumpkin seeds and bacon. I also love a Persian stew made of pomegranate and walnuts that is perfect for the autumn season.”

Favorite cookbook: “Anything by Alice Waters, The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean by Paula Wolfert, New Food Of Life Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies by Najmieh Batmanglij.”

Kitchen gadget: “Pestle and mortar, Cuisinart, teapot.”

Pantry essential: “Sliced organic almonds, quinoa, and granola.”

Ingredient that makes everything taste better: “Sea salt. California Ranch Olive Oil. Smoked paprika. Sprinkle of love.”

Your dream meal: “I have a fantasy about being an older lady and living on a rural farm somewhere either in Europe, Northern California or upstate New York. In this fantasy I am with my future husband, my children, good friends and my grand children. We are all eating wonderful organic food we have grown ourselves, laughing and enjoying our lives. Oh and there is some sort of music in the background and orchards in the distance.”

Please share your current favorite recipe: “Roasted butternut squash. Cut the organic squash and toss with olive oil, maple syrup, sea salt, pepper, and herbs. Roast slowly in the over until caramelized and golden—I’d say around 350 degrees for 45 minutes but when it’s my own recipe it’s usually by feel and instinct! As that is roasting, cook up some smoked bacon and then crumble. Saute a good amount of pumpkin seeds maybe a cup and add the bacon. Cook it in the bacon grease. Add this topping along with some fresh cuts herbs like thyme or sage and when the squash is ready and toss it all together.”

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Meet our November guest editor,  Shiva Rose of The Local Rose!

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