We all have that friend. And if you don’t – you probably are that friend. The one who can’t stop (won’t stop) talking about their juicing habit.

Look, of all people in the world, we get it. We’re shooting the shit about kale and cucumbers all day long. It’s a full-time job – literally. But even though we “get” it, even though we are that girl – we won’t be stopped from poking a little fun at how much airtime we give our green obsession – especially when we’re on a cleanse. (And we are all on a cleanse this month.)

Pressed Juicery enlisted funny girl Erin Foster in this video detailing just how real the struggle is. Juicing can take over your life.

Watch the “Sh*t Juicers Say” video with Erin, star of the soon to be aired VH1 docu-comedy series that’s going to blow your mind with it’s comedic genius, then share this video with the friend most likely to find these one-liners all too close to home.

Get your own juice situation on lock: through January 10, Pressed Juicery’s classic 3-Day Cleanse is available for just $149. Cheers! 

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