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Models and “rich moms” flock to trainer Megan Roup of Sculpt Society. We find this significant only because the former are paid to be super-fit and the latter will pay anything to be super-fit. For a trainer, having these kinds of clients helps to clearly convey the effectiveness of one’s program and market classes faster than just about anything else.

Even if you’re averse to that level of hype and avoid the intensity of that kind of class environment, Megan’s approach could still be a fit for you — online.

The Sculpt Society is an accessible combination of dance cardio and body sculpting. Most of Megan’s signature routines are easy to learn, but more challenging than they look — at least after a few sets! We love how quickly we start to sweat during one of Megan’s routines and how easy they are to get started.

The good news is that by taking classes at home, there are none of those ‘awkward learning phase’ classes as there are in-studio, you’re free to pause and try again as often as needed!

One of the top features on The Sculpt Society app is Megan’s set of quickie workouts! Honestly, one of the surest ways to remain committed to a fitness routine is to incorporate short workouts on those days when we don’t have enough time for a full routine. Mentally, we benefit from feeling like we’re still on track, bolstering our confidence and maintaining momentum, and physically, it’s surprising what we can do in just 15 minutes!

Here’s more on the topic, plus a quickie routine from Megan herself…

Megan Roup on the Benefits of Quickie Workouts

Quickie workouts are a great way for anyone to ease back into a regular movement routine or anyone struggling to motivate or to get their day started with a workout.

Quickies are a low commitment, so it can be much easier to convince yourself to start a workout knowing it’s 10min. Then, 9 out of 10 you’ll feel so good after you’ll end up doing another quickie workout.

If programmed well, you can pack so much into a quickie and utilize your time efficiently with a 10-15min workout and oftentimes will make the idea of working out 5-6 days a week easier and therefore you become more consistent with your workout routine.

The effects on your physical and mental health with 5, 10, or 15min of movement a day far outweighs 1 or 2 long workout sessions a week. I would rather my clients be consistent with shorter workouts, than only commit to a longer workout once or twice a week.

My quickies are so popular on The Sculpt Society App that I made an entire Quickie Program with my friend and client Kate Bock (on the right above). It’s a 4-week Program that gives you one quickie a day to commit to.

Quickies make it so much easier for those who struggle to fit in movement into their busy schedule.  I get so many mom’s who will message me and tell me that the quickies are perfect during nap time, or the women who work full time and squeeze in a quickie during their zoom calls or lunch breaks.

A Quickie Workout with Megan Roup

workout pose 1

1. Close – Lift Hydrant x 24 reps

2. Hydrant – Extend Straight Back x 24 reps

3. Tap Back – Lift Straight Back x 24 reps

4. Knee Pull – Lift Parallel 90 Degrees back x 24 reps

workout pose 2
5. Pulse at Hip Height in Parallel 90 Degrees Back x 24 reps

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