Save The Tatas: Why You Should Switch To A Wireless Bra

A bra that’s too tight and constrictive is bad for more than just your mood. It can actually keep your breasts and lymphatic system from optimal health.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a push-up bra or two at the ready for a big evening out, we made the switch to wireless bras a few years ago. Here’s why:

Breast tissue houses and is surrounded by a large portion of our lymphatic tissue. Our lymphatic system is the unsung hero of strong immunity, running throughout the body with many key superficial lymph nodes being found just between the breasts and underarms – just where that restrictive underwire tends to fall.

Lymph flows continually through the body, working constantly to detox and protect our bodies. Unlike our cardiovascular system, however, the lymph system does not have a pump to help move fluid. Instead, the movement of our body is fully responsible for flushing toxins through lymph. That means a constrictive bra or hardwire jammed into our sides may impede both healthy circulation and ideal lymph flow. Not ideal.

Metal in underwire bras can also impede the flow of circulation and several important meridians that flow across our torso. Meridians are systems of energy referred to by traditional Chinese medicine.

For us, going wire-free has simply been a more comfortable choice as well. There are so many health factors to keep in mind these days and this one struck us as an easy choice to make for better health. For some women, the same is not true and the idea of going wireless seems ludicrous. For that cross-section of readers we recommend the following tips and routines as well:

Have a proper bra fitting: Find out your true size and wear a bra that allows for the most natural fit and flow for your body. Daily bras should not be constrictive. And while support matters, allowing breasts to have a little room to move is best for circulation.

Go Wire-Free If Possible: Why wear a conductive metal wire near your tata’s all day while swimming in our soup of phone, computer and television signals? If possible, switch to all fabric bras. You may feel the difference! There are a million wireless styles available these days. We’re loving the wireless styles available from Lively, Fortnight, and Sujia.

Try lymphatic massage: We once listed this as the sexiest health tip ever, and it’s true. This simple traditional oil massage will treat your body to a wellness-inducing dose of circulation great for our moods, immunity and even helping with weight management.

Try dry brushing: Dry brushing daily before showering is another great way to protect your breasts and boost your lymphatic system. Plus it feels great and helps with overall skin and body tone. Nothing to lose.

Go bra-ess, when you can: The simplest solution, of course, is to go bra-less. Maybe not in the boardroom, but definitely in the bedroom, while at home and when you can away with a cozy sweater and no bra for casual friend dates.

What are your thoughts on the matter and what have you done to improve your own breast health and safety? For more on the topic, read our interview with Nadine Artemis or find her podcast with David Wolfe on Things Every Woman Should Know – eye-opening!

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