Leanne CitronE has a way with shears — kitchen or otherwise. When she’s not chopping the locks of A-listers at her very own Andy LeCompte Salon, this stylish Angeleno is chopping farmers market finds in her drool-worthy Hancock Park kitchen.

Leanne’s Instagram story highlights are a treasure trove of incredibly healthy, workable recipes. With her impeccable taste and obsession with great food, we knew her kitchen would be worth exploring and Leanne didn’t disappoint…

my Food philosophy: Balanced, eating seasonally and whole foods. Dinner with friends. We always have an open house, so I always try to have something baked in case people drop by.

Always in my fridge: The inside of my fridge changes depending on the season—there is always something I have pickled, lots of fresh fruit and green veggies stored in the amazing Vejibag crisper bags and chocolate from England. The bags keep food fresh for weeks, and I try to use little-to-no plastic.

Recipe staples always on hand: an assortment of salts, oils and vinegars, coconut milk, beans from Rancho Gordo. I like to make sure my spices are always well-stocked. Citrus from my lemon and lime trees in the garden.

Must-have munchies: I always have some dark chocolate in the fridge to snack on (I love chocolate). I love the Mary’s Gone Crackers super seed crackers and the Majestic Sprouted hummus. I always have green olives and almonds in to-go packets for when I’m on the run.

Leanne Citrone

Fave condiments: Hot sauce and brown sauce (it’s British!).

Ingredient that makes everything taste better: High quality olive oil, vinegars and salt.

Go-to proteins: Beans, spinach, eggs and fish.

Best bargain: Farmer’s markets—so anything local and direct.

Best label-reading tip: Staying away from anything I cannot say the name of as much as possible

Fave veggie + what you make with it: It really depends on the season. I love soaking beans overnight, rinsing them and cooking them (simmering until done). Then I sauté an onion and some garlic, adding the beans with Swiss chard. Season with salt and pepper to eat alone or add a fried egg on top.

Must-have pantry staples: An assortment of beans and grains, nuts and seeds. I love to bake so lots of flour and sugars, too.

Craziest thing I buy: I am from England so I always find myself shipping food that I can’t buy here.

Sweets + other indulgences: Chocolate! I have a huge sweet tooth—it’s a big problem.

Leanne Citrone

Dairy or non-dairy faves: I love the Aris Greek yogurt from the farmer’s market (I only eat the plain one, but people love all the flavors). I love MALK milk, too.

Favorite splurge: Sushi at Matsuhisa

For last-minute entertaining: I always entertain family style, and in the summer there is always Salt and Straw ice cream in the freezer and ice cream cones in the pantry. On the weekend I like to make sure there is a baked something in case someone stops by.

Favorite food shops: The farmers market. But if I am going to make meat, I get it from Standings, my local butcher. I love Erewhon and Trader Joe’s, too.

Simple go-to recipe: Any leftovers with a fried egg on top. In winter I love a baked potato or soup. In summer, tomatoes and peaches with Burrata and fresh pasta.

Best food memory: My mom’s chocolate cake. It is covered in this incredibly decadent chocolate sauce—if you like chocolate you’ll love this cake. It’s the only recipe I won’t share!

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