NYC Bite of the Month: Sakara Life’s Bee Pollen, Cacao + Sweet Potato Bowl

As much as we take the time to meditate, do yoga, and get our shut-eye, no amount of relaxation can cover up the cold hard facts: we’re busy. And with busy-ness comes hangry-ness, and with hangry-ness comes the urge to eat whatever’s easiest to get our hands on whether healthy or not.

Apparently, we’re not alone – which is why Sakara Life has created such a cult following in NYC. This organic meal delivery program is based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, and abides by the rule that the food you eat should empower you instead of carry such heavy baggage. The founders of Sakara preach that food should make you feel beautiful, and that doesn’t come from restricting, number tallying, or a “diet” mentality. We are so on board.

Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell has been scouring NYC each month and reporting back on the most healthy sipssnacks, and sweets the city has to offer, and this month she’s introducing us to her fave dish from Sakara: a sweet potato bowl filled with bee pollen, cacao, almonds, and berries. The fact that we can get this delivered right to our doorsteps…even in L.A? Icing on the gluten-free cake.

What I ate:

Sakara Life’s sweet potato bowl topped with bee pollen, almond slivers, berries and cacao nibs.

Why I ate it:

I am officially obsessed with Sakara Life, which is a New York-based vegan meal-delivery/cleanse service that serves up inspired, good-for-you, delicious food.

Why you need it:

Aside from all the restaurant food I eat for work, I am a super clean eater at home and, as much as possible, I embrace the principals of ayurveda. Ayurveda basically centers on eating healthy food (appropriate for your dosha) all the time so you don’t ever get sick. After four days on Sakara, I felt lighter and, overall, just great. 

How To Get It:

Call up Sakara Life in SoHo, NYC to get in on this deliciousness. And for all those Angelenos out there, Sakara Life recently launched on the West Coast, so now you can try it out there as well! 

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