New York and L.A. are two very different beasts. But, at the same time, what happens in food and in wellness here often happens there eventually – or vice-versa.

Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle launched the healthy and luxe food delivery service, Sakara Life, years ago in New York and since then we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from ladies and gents we trust in the Big Apple. But nothing really prepared us for our first bite of Sakara Life here in L.A.

Just a day in to our week of the Sakara Life program, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, two flavored waters, and tea, we found ourselves hooked on the incredible food – especially the dressings and sauces. Our obsession with Sakara’s incredible sauces inspired this recent story and had us in the kitchen all day the following weekend trying to replicate some of our favorites. We were blown away by everything from Sakara Life that hit our forks. And, even better, three days later, we felt more svelte, clear and glowy than when we began our delicious deliveries.

To celebrate the arrival of Sakara Life in L.A., we asked these two wellness mavens to fill us in on their favorite habits and hotspots on both coasts…

Go to brunch, LA:

Danielle DuBoise: SQIRL
Whitney Tingle: Farm Shop

Go to brunch, NYC:

DD: The Butcher’s Daughter
WT: Jack’s Wife Freda

Diet if you’re headed on vacation:

DD: Nothing. Just an extra dose of love.
WT: Hydrate! Eat foods with high water content and drink mineral-rich water.

Necessary indulgence in LA:

DD: Empanadas from Gracias Madre
WT: Fish Sandwich from Gjelina

Necessary indulgence in NYC:

DD: Warm chocolate chip cookie from Levain
WT: Pizza from Rubirosa

Favorite Sakara Life dish:

DD: Superfood Sweet Potato Bowl
WT: Youth + Beauty Salad


Health tip for traveling in between:

DD: Spend time with your toes in the grass when you land (earthing) to help rebalance the body and fight jet lag. (Learn more about grounding here)

WT: Always look for what is fresh, local, and in season. If you’re visiting a place and they are known for something, get it.

Always in my pantry on both coasts:

DD: Sakara Superfood Popcorn
WT: Sakara Beauty Water

Fave outdoor experience in LA:

DD + WT: Hiking in Topanga, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, outdoor movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Fave outdoor experience in NYC:

DD: Tree gazing at Madison Square Park
WT: Rooftop wine with loved ones

Fave Pressed Juicery flavor:

DD & WT: Greens 1

Healthy grocery you rely on in LA:

DD: Erewhon

Wellness shop in NYC:

DD: Life Thyme
WT: High Vibe

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