This spring,Sakara Life founders, Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle release their debut cookbook, Eat Clean Play Dirty. We love these ladies for making our favorite delivery food ever (supermodel Lily Aldridge is a devotee too) and spreading the good news of nutrient-dense and body positive eating. We’re always amazed at the genius recipes that arrive in our Sakara Life deliveries and we can’t wait to crack open the pages of the new book to try them for ourselves! Danielle and Whitney are joining our My Favorites series to talk about living well the Sakara way…

Moisturizer or oils:
Whitney: Tata Harper Repairing Moisturizer
Face serum:
Danielle: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum
Hair product:
Danielle: Playa Dry Shampoo and Rahua
Whitney: Giovanni Blackberry and Coconut Milk Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner, Briogeo strength and moisture leave-in mask
Face cleanser:
Whitney: The Organic Pharmacy rose diamond exfoliating cleanser
Makeup staples:
Danielle: Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer, BeautyCounter Dew Skin, Glossier Boy Brow and Kosas Cream Blush. I use the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush for when I’m putting on photo-ready foundation — it’s amazing!
Lip balm or color:
Coola lip balm
Whitney: Kosas lipstick
Skin tool or mask:
Gua Sha
Whitney: Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant
Spa/treatment of choice:
Danielle: acupuncture
Whitney: Rescue Spa facial
Heretic custom blend
Whitney: DS & Durga – Debaser

Daily supplements:
Danielle + Whitney: Sakara Beauty and Detox Drops
Superfood staples:
Danielle + Whitney: Variety is the spice of life! (And great for our gut flora.) We eat four to six cups of organic leafy greens every single day. Greens are our favorite superfood. We also love cacao (hence why we turn all of our supplements into chocolates). Also, chia, flax, hemp seeds and E3Live.
Healthy restaurant:
Danielle + Whitney: Jajaja, abcV, Kiki’s, west-bourne, Indochine
Danielle + Whitney: Carbon38, Live the Process, Vuori, G. Sport
Danielle + Whitney: Ballet Beautiful, Melissa Wood Health online, FTP, New York Pilates, Caravan Wellness, Equinox, Physique57, SoulCycle
Good reading/podcasts:
Danielle: On Being, Expanded podcast
Whitney: How I Built This, Goop, The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast

Danielle: Shabby Chic
Whitney: Coyuchi, Hill House Home
Danielle: Heretic or Maison Louis Marie
Whitney: Cire Trudon — any of them — Abd el Kader or Esterel
Kitchen goods:
Danielle + Whitney: lemon juicer, microplane, good set of knives, ceramic pans (GreenPans are good), wooden spoons, a Vitamix, a food processor or a Ninja Express chop, toaster oven, organic olive oil, good salt, our new cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty
Danielle + Whitney: Always vintage or something we’ve picked up on our travels — something with a story.
Flower or plant:
We both have tons of plants!
Danielle: Cacti
Whitney: Bird of Paradise Palm
Fave shop:
Danielle: The Real Real or CAP
Whitney: Jenni Kayne

Danielle: Vince
Whitney: Doen
Danielle + Whitney: Loeffler Randall or Tamara Mellon
Danielle: Ulla Johnson, Vintage Fringe from Sedona flea market
Danielle: Moonstoned! Vintage everything.
Whitney: My Bliss Lau wedding ring.
Danielle: LPA, Ulla Johnson, Cushnie
Whitney: All of the above, plus Galvan.
Whitney: Mykita
Danielle: Vintage caftan and robes from What Goes Around Comes Around

Food + Drink
Fridge staples:
Danielle + Whitney: Sakara (we eat it every day), probiotics, hot sauce, breastmilk (in Danielle’s fridge), celery root, leafy greens, tahini, sprouted grains, eggs from the CSA upstate, champagne/Prosecco
Danielle + Whitney: Sakara Life Super Powder, banana, handful of greens, blueberries, high quality maple syrup, and homemade almond milk
Weekly dinner:
Danielle + Whitney: Sakara! It changes every week and delights every sense — the most nourishing, pleasurable meals on the planet.
Danielle: tahini
Whitney: hot sauce
Snack always on hand:
Danielle + Whitney: My husband always needs a snack — so we always have nuts of some sort (pistachios, pecans, almonds) and some sort of chip (usually bean chips or pita chips).
Favorite cocktail:
Danielle + Whitney: Margaritas!

Danielle + Whitney: Away. We have matching white suitcases, which are great, except when we can’t tell them apart.
Travel staple:
Sakara Life Super Powder — mix with coconut water and you’re good to go!
Whitney: Sakara probiotic blend — I double up when I travel to make sure I don’t get sick.
In-flight essentials:
Danielle + Whitney:
Two bottles of water with Sakara Beauty Water Drops — gotta stay hydrated! And Waleda Skinfood, an eye mask and headphones, and Comrad Compression Socks.
Azulik in Tulum
Whitney: The Norman in Tel Aviv

Danielle + Whitney:  Love a good Moleskin.
Inspirational item:
Whitney: Kali statue
Danielle: Plaque my team gave me that says Mom Boss.
Danielle: A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
Whitney: Women Who Run with the Wolves; Sapiens; You Can Heal Your Life; The Microbiome Solution
Apps we can’t live without:
Danielle + Whitney:  Slack, Delta App, Audible, InsightTimer, Glamsquad, Uber

Want to learn more about Danielle and Whitney? Check out all of our content and events together over the years! 

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