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The art of smoothie making lies in the balance of taste and nutrition. It’s easy to make a smoothie taste good with a ton of sugar or fruit, but a find a recipe that keeps our blood sugar levels stable, is crucial.  L.A. nutritionist and health coach, Shauna Faulisi, is launching a smoothie delivery service we can’t wait for and we asked her to unpack the perfect low sugar smoothie with us…

More of us are making the effort to live consciously and healthfully, and thankfully the world around us is rising to the occasion. Smoothies have become the poster child of #healthyliving and for good reason. When made correctly, a smoothie can deliver stable energy levels, satiate hunger for hours, clear skin and even balance weight. When made incorrectly, smoothies can be a major sugar bomb leading to blood sugar spikes, irritability, breakouts and weight gain.

As a celebrity nutritionist, chef and hormone specialist, I see this mistake with clients all the time. Many clients are excited about the latest popular superfood or vegetable craze, which gets them excited to start blending, but without the proper smoothie set-up it can end up doing more harm than good.

But Really – Are Smoothies Healthy?

Yes! Here are our top ways to make a smoothie that will sustain energy, elevate mood, make skin glow, support gut health and make you feel your best.

It’s All About Balance | We’re talking about the balance of macronutrient combinations: greens, fat and protein. Macronutrients will have your body feeling satiated and happy. Also include a leafy green vegetable because greens are life. We love spinach for smoothies as it has an impressive nutrient profile, and its mild flavor won’t overpower the flavors in your beverage.

Keep Sugar On-The-Low | The biggest mistake we see at our practice is clients using sweetened non-dairy milks or coconut water, which can be filled with upwards of 14 grams of sugar per serving. Drinking sugars is never a good idea because it lacks fiber and leads to a major blood sugar spike. Stick to a mix of unsweetened non-dairy milk and water to help keep you hydrated. This will also keep you from going overboard on liquid calories — we’d rather eat them later.

Limit Fruit | When it comes to adding fruit to your smoothie, keep fruit intake to a minimum. Stick with berries, they’re a low-glycemic fruit and won’t send your insulin levels soaring. We encourage a quarter cup to keep adrenals happy and in a stress-free state. Keeping sugar minimal in the morning and throughout your day will do wonders for your energy levels, skin, anxiousness and overall mood.

Keep It Simple | We’ve all heard about meal prepping for lunch and dinner, but smoothie prep doesn’t get enough love. Simply set your your dry ingredients in an assembly line once a week or month, and place in individual containers, then set in your freezer. Pour them in the blender in the morning, add sugar-free liquid, blend and voila! (We love this trick so much that we created our  smoothie delivery service in Los Angeles — WellBalance Smoothies — making it even easier.)

Make It Delicious | Stick with our glow smoothie (recipe below) to curb hunger hormones, keep insulin low and raise your energetic vibration.

The Low-Sugar Glow Smoothie
Serves 1


1 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 serving vanilla or chocolate protein powder
1 large handful of spinach
1/4 of an avocado
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
a few dashes of cinnamon


Blend all ingredients for 30-50 seconds and enjoy.

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