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Punch it out. There’s nothing a sweaty, dancy boxing class can’t fix. It’s one of our favorite ways to get grounded and toned, and we’re always looking out for the perfect version. Lucky for LA, NYC’s best studio, Rumble boxing, finally made its way West — and we’re shamelessly addicted.

Rumble is the baby genius of a former Barry’s Bootcamp trainer who teamed up with a bunch of hospitality and business pros to make the ultimate group fitness experience. Each class is 50 minutes and guaranteed to kick your butt — and leave you feeling stronger and more confident than before you walked in. Here’s why we’re all about Rumble boxing…

rumble boxing interior green lights black punching bagsThe Studio: The brand new space is on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. It’s big and airy with cool monochromatic art pasted all over the walls and tucked into the lockers (which there are always an abundance of). The workout studio itself is split into two: the boxing area and the strength training area. The instructor-slash-DJ stays on an elevated platform that’s easy to see from all corners of the class. There’s also a high-tech element – a long, thin screen above the mirrors that demonstrates exactly what you’re supposed to be doing now and next.

The Workout: Head-to-toe burn, baby! Rumble combines bag boxing and weight training — and the inevitable cardio element that comes with doing circuits. Everyone starts at either a hanging bag or a bench on the other side of the room. The bags are fancy rubber Aqua bags that are soft enough to keep you from hurting yourself when you’re going all out, but tough enough to send energy rippling through every muscle. The benches each hold a few sets of barbells and hand weights. Over the course of ten rounds, every bit of the body is worked for lean, strong muscles and a boxer’s confidence.

If you’re new to boxing or are ready to take things to a serious level, Rumble also offers private lessons. These classes equip you with a pro’s knowledge on form, alignment and precision. They take place in a separate room in the studio, so you can practice without the distraction of other boxers.

The Vibe: Rumble boxing is basically the SoulCycle of boxing classes. The workout is fun, fast-paced and dynamic. The music (mostly hip-hop and dancy mashups) is all-consuming, and the rotating colored lights in an otherwise dark room make you feel like you’re in a club in the very best way. All of these elements are designed to bring you right out of your head and into the moment. Every time we leave a class we’re already excited for the next. If that’s not urban fit-life goals, then we don’t know what is.

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