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A sweaty workout doesn’t exactly leave us with Victoria’s Secret locks. We’re grateful for days when we have nowhere to be after a workout, but when we do — and there’s no time for a full blow-dry — we need quick and cute fix. These three simple ideas from Free People contributor Jana Kirn are just the genius life hacks you need to get from fit life to real life in style… 

I have a ton of hair and my head sweats a lot when I work out. Hence my refusal to exercise during my office lunch break. I’m not willing to deal with the soaking, ridged-out mane that would be left post-workout. And the second I untie my ponytail, even after a proper cool-down, it’s just a big, unattractive mess. I seriously envy the women who leave the gym looking as if they just left the salon (and those people do exist!). Their secret may just be good genes, but I was determined to figure out a fresh and clean look post-gym for myself. No time for a shower? No problem.

Dry Shampoo + Sea Salt Spray

La Tierra Sagrada and playa natural dry shampoo

After the many posts we’ve shared about dry shampoo and sea salt spray, both items should hopefully be staples in your beauty cabinet. But have you ever tried mixing the two together? If you haven’t, try it! Especially the next time you’re rushing out to meet up with a friend for brunch. The dry shampoo will soak up any excess sweat and the sea salt spray will add a light scent. Plus, the texturizing power of both products will give your locks an effortlessly wavy and full-of-volume look.

There’s also a simple, natural recipe you can try for dry shampoo at home: make it here!

These three hair treatments also work well over time to help your hair stay healthy, clean and easier to manage post-sweat.

Wear Braids

Braids are going to be your new gym buddy. If you’re capable of doing two long ones down your back, try a cornrow or French braid style — these work best. I find that whenever I wear braids to the gym it minimizes the amount of sweat that typically forms. The tight weave holds everything in place while I’m working out.

braiding hair

Even post-workout my hair still looks as if I just did it. (I may have to wet a few frizzy bits down, but that’s really it.) It’s hard to mess up braids if you’ve done them right. If I don’t wear my hair in cornrows, I like to section off some in the front as if I’m doing a half-up, half-down top knot style. But I will incorporate a cornrow that reaches the crown of my head before wrapping into a bun. I’ll throw it into a ponytail before the gym, but I feel more confident when I let it down after because the front braid replaces the sweaty hair look framing my face.

Try this knotted double french braid with our tutorial.

Smoke Cleanse

If eliminating the post-gym smell is more important to you than looks, try lighting a match and using the smoke to cleanse away any unpleasant sweaty odors from your hair. (This may sound weird but it works for me!) I like to use incense like palo santo — I typically light one, then walk around the house and waft through the smoky air (as you would with a sage stick). Bonus: It also makes the house smell good!

Regular matches work as well. (Just remember to blow the flame out before bringing it close to your hair.) Simply hold the match below the ends of your hair, letting its smoke weave through your locks. More matches may be needed depending on how much hair you have. Think of it as a mini hair cleanse.

How do you handle your post-workout hair? Share in the comments!

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