Designer Ross Cassidy Wants You To Find A Style + Commit To It

Ross Cassidy is over the lumberjack-lives-in-a-factory look that’s dominated recent design trends. As he launches a super-sleek collaboration with CB2 this month, we caught up with the L.A. designer to pick his brain on all things interiors – and he held nothing back!

Take a few design cues from his responses to our interview below and check out his extremely modern, minimal collection (this table!) at CB2.

Fave design trend right now:

The movement towards minimalism. Less furniture, but better furniture, instead of a lot of mediocre stuff to crowd a room.

Trend you're ready to see go:

That Brooklyn-chic industrial exposed-lightbulb lumberjack-lives-in-a-factory vibe! Don’t pretend to live in a loft downtown unless you actually live in a loft downtown!

Biggest decor mistake most people make:

Not knowing what your style is, when you think you are the Hamptons meets Park Avenue with a hint of Provence and some Bali thrown in. Eclectic is not easy to get right. Pick a style and commit to it. Mix and match is for toddlers.

Rule you love to break:

All of them!

About this desk:

I spend my life on construction sites and there are always saw-horse tables everywhere being used for any number of tasks. I love how basic and practical they are. I wanted to make an elevated and glamorous version of something that is normally completely utilitarian.

Fave eco design tips:

This is such a hard question, the interior design world is so far behind the curve on good eco-friendly design. Fortunately there is finally process in paint, solar energy (thanks almost entirely to Elon Musk) and using reclaimed materials. But we have a long way to go with sourcing sustainable wood for flooring and making good fabrics that don’t use toxins in the dying and yarn-production process.

Fave natural materials:

Teak, marble, abaca, raw silk and cashmere.

Tips for creating an intentional space:

Copy! Seriously, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! If you are not a designer find the work of one designer that you like, study their work and emulate their look. Nothing is original anymore so an honest homage to a designer you like is the best way to build an environment.

Fave 3 elements in a well-designed room:

Flooring, walls and ceiling! If the ‘box’ is bad no amount of good furniture will fix it. I’m a decorator that focuses more on the architecture because that is what really matters. If you have gorgeous flooring, stunning walls (paneled, wallpapered or plastered for example) and a ceiling that is pretty you can put almost any dumpy furniture in the room and it will have style. It’s vital to get the room right before you start to furnish it.

Fave home shops:

CB2, of course. Etsy and Craigslist are a world of wonder if you are willing to dig deep! I could break my credit card in Crate and Barrel buying kitchen stuff! Table Art in Los Angels is like taking drugs if you have a cutlery fixation like I do! I’m also hot for Lawson Fenning & Orange in Los Angeles right now.

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