Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars as the host of the much buzzed about new show, About Face on streaming platform, Quibi beginning August 10. The show features interviews with top beauty biz founders from Glossier’s Emily Weiss to OUAI’s Jen Atkin — all under ten minutes an episode per streaming newcomer, Quibi’s “quick bites” format.

Despite the short length, the episodes don’t feel rushed and leave us with just the interesting snapshot of each founder we’re looking for. We chatted with former Victoria’s Secret model and Marks & Spencer collaborator and frequent Gold Globes knock-out, Huntington-Whitley on the eve of the show’s launch to talk about her fascination with the show’s line-up of pros and all things clean beauty…

The Chalkboard: First of all, Rosie, you’re an incredible host. I believe this is your first time? You’re so engaging and fun to watch!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Thank you! It is my first time hosting this kind of show, but I’m just as fascinated by these founders and what they’ve built as anyone watching.

After taping, I went back to consider the thread that wove all these beauty founders and their episodes together — it’s really their authenticity, grit, tenacity and transparency. All of their stories are quite unique, but they are all very authentic and transparent.

TCM: What drew you to the show and the concept of interviewing these business leaders, many of whom are making waves in the way we think about business far beyond the beauty industry?

RHW: One thing I really wanted to do was to pull back the curtain on these successful founders. You know, in the media they are always presented as so polished and accomplished. I wanted to show how they really feel and operate including the challenges and the insecurities.


TCM: You get into that quite a bit with Glossier founder, Emily Weiss. Let’s talk about that…

RH: This was the first time Emily and I actually met, although I’d been a fan for a long time and we’d chatted on social media over the years. We shot at the Glossier flagship in NYC and it was my very first time inside a Glossier store. I was blown away – it was quite fun.

Emily spoke about how failure is what fuels her everyday. She knows that it could all go away. She’s very focused and laser driven, a lot like myself.

Her story, first working for a magazine, then shooting people in their own homes, and finally becoming probably one of the more respected and profiled young women in business of our time is really quite impressive.

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TCM: What do you think is next in beauty, after talking to all these leaders in the beauty space?

The way we consume has massively shifted and I think there is a massive opportunity to revamp technology and the way we connect with a consumer.
Transparency has become so important. Consumers require more than just the product from a brand these days. We’re more aware of what we’re putting on our bodies and look for brands that are safe, that we can trust.

I’m also sensing a ‘less is more’ approach and I’m excited to see how that develops. I’m seeing less embellishment; a lot of clutter is falling away.

TCM: Let’s talk about beauty itself. We’re all about clean beauty only here at TCM and I know you’re pretty committed to clean brands as well. How did that interest blossom? 

When I was pregnant with my son [Rosie has one son Jack with actor Jason Statham born June 2017], I did a lot of research on safe products for him. That led me to reflect on the products I was choosing for myself. I seek products that have the performance, but that are still safe.

I love brands Kjaer Weis and Westman Atelier — especially for their foundations, and Kosas, whose founder, Sheena, I’ve interviewed as well. I’ve also begun working with skincare line, Pipette after being blown away by the team’s care for their formulations. I think they’re really going to disrupt the baby and mother category. I keep their balm in my bag to use on everything from my lips to to the baby’s tush and, since I love my AHAs, I’m obsessed with their sleeping mask before bed — I’m multitasking even while a sleep, which moms will appreciate.

TCM: What else especially stood out to you from your About Face guests? 
My episode with Sir John was another stand out. We’d met, as he’s done my makeup over the years. There is just so much intention behind how he plans his makeup,

whether for a show or cover or performance. He’s exacting about how the makeup will match what someone is wearing or the for the occasion.

He is such a compelling storyteller and has such a unique spirit. He’s not just applying lipstick, he’s conveying the emotion of that color to an audience. It’s quite a transformative, emotive process. His tenacity really inspires me.

Catch About Face on Quibi starting August 10. Are you into the idea of short-format content? Personally, we’re loving it and curious about the kinds of shows the format will inspire.
Read about Rosie’s BFF and her daily diet here for more. 
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