We’re into subscription everything these days. Having our essential life goods just show up when we need them – from clean groceries to organic tampons – makes better wellness habits so much easier to sustain.

One of the most exciting trends inside the subscription services boom are supplements. Especially when a few of the brands taking the lead are exceeding their shelfie counterparts with cleaner, higher-quality ingredients.

One of our favorite brands to offer subscription supplements thus far is Ritual, a supplement subscription service determined to make supplementation better, easier and more sustainable. The buzzy vitamin brand is totally transparent about the ingredients in their capsules and working to educate consumers about the functionality, sourcing and purity of the supplement world in general.

We’re sharing this short list of crazy ingredients commonly found in many daily supplements as told to us by The Ritual team. If these kinds of lists don’t make you a better label-reader, we don’t know what will. Here are the most surprising things that might be in your multivitamin…

Plastic Parts: Need we say more?

Animal INgredients: Snouts and hooves, anyone? Extra gross…

Petroleum Byproducts: Complete with chemicals and solvents. No thanks.

Artificial Colorants: Think carcinogens are worth your vitamin being whiter? Think again.

Many vitamin companies use these kinds of potentially harmful materials because they are the cheapest, fastest way to hold things together, make them last, and make them look like something you might want to swallow. We get the need for efficiency, but at what cost?

Looking to source supplements that help, not hurt your cause? If you’re already considering a subscription based supplement, check out Ritual for their commitment to clean, sustainable ingredients.

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  1. I don`t like supplements because they have harmful influence on health! But i`m excited about multivitamins, hope they are good!

    Megan Car | 09.15.2017 | Reply

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